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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Liz Ditz

moderated comment
My good blog-friend, Orac, has more on this story


moderated commentT Dtz- Gt yr fcts strght bfr wrtng slndr bt sttn y bvsl hvn't dn yr hmwrk n. Th lwst ws gnst th hsbnd, wh ds n fct crr frrm, n sbrbrn nghbrhd, tht hs mn fmls n t. Tht wld tnd t mk nyn ns, spcll f thr hs bn cnfrnttns btwn hm nd svrl thr fmls. Snc t hs bn svrl thr fmls tht ll hppn t gr n ths mn nd hs bhvr, thn t bgs th qstn, hw dd rndm fmls ll hppn t cm tgthr nd lv nxt t ch thr f th, lk y clm, "hrss r dscrmnt gnst fmls wh hv nr-dvrs mmbrs." Ths sn't bt tsm. t's bt n nstbl mn lvng nxt t fmls wth chldrn f thr wn, r r y syng tht th r lss mprtnt thn hs sn wh hs tsm?


moderated commentT Bb, Yr typcl lb ssht, H ws frmr LT Clnl n th SMC, ls th frrm ws ssd b hmlnd scrt fr hs mplymnt. Ppl lk y r wh ths cntr s fllng prt.


moderated comment
Gvn wht 'v rd Bb - y nd t "gt yr fcts strght." Wht srt f "hmwrk" hv y dn. t's bvs y ddn't knw thng bt Mr. Trssls crr r hstr. ts n prtt mch vr rtcl. Bfr y strt shtng t ppl trn t n yrslf nd s f th sh fts y.


moderated comment
Bb, Cptn Trssls s n rln Plt wh crrs gn WHL H'S N TH RCRFT. H dsn't wlk rnd wth ldd wpn n hs nghbrhd, (s mttr f fct t hs t b lckd n hlstr whn h sn't n th cckpt). Prhps y shld tk yr wn dvc nd gt yr wn fcts strght.


moderated commentps t BB.... ....ths wr nt "rndm fmls" wh gt tgthr t fl th st. Ths r th jrks wh r prt f bfr mntnd clq f Vnzn. Myb Bb s mmbr f th clq t? f r Bb, ppl nd t stp ctng lk MDDL SCHL BRTS nd strt bhvng lk GRWN PS!


this comment has been moderated
ps t BB.... ....ths wr nt "rndm fmls" wh gt tgthr t fl th st. Ths r th jrks wh r prt f bfr mntnd clq f Vnzn. Myb Bb s mmbr f th clq t? f y r Bb, y ppl nd t stp ctng lk MDDL SCHL BRTS nd strt bhvng lk GRWN PS!


moderated comment
D y knw whr ths thr wrk? wld lk t cll thr mplyr! f nt y wll s m n thr nghbrhd knckng n thr dr!

Colonel Dayan

this comment has been moderated.
Rght n l. Nn f wht ths wmn dd ws rndm. t ws prmdttd ct f vngnc nl thr sck lttl mnds cld mgn. BB nds t rd th crt trnscrpt nd th thr crt dcmnts bfr h strts pstng. Th Fshrs, Plstrs nd Hrwys rn't wnng p t n lttl fct, t ws drctd vrdct! G gggl tht dfntn, BB!Cllng th mn's mplyr, wht dd tht hv t d wth prtctng yr fml, Srh Fshr! Dnll Hrw n Hckrdt hs plnt f xprnc brkng p fmls, sh ws jst tstng nw mthd wth th Trssll fml, jn n wtch hnt, mk BS llgtns wth th thrts rthr thn dng t th ld fshnd w, slpng wth yr mrrd bss, " m cncrnd tht Gr r Gr's sn wll gn ccss t Gr's frrms" Dh Kll Plstr, thnk Gr lrd hs ccss t hs frrm! ssd b th dpt. f hmlnd scrt t n FFD wh hs bn trnd t crr th frrm, rtrd Lt. Cl SMC, t dfnd hs rcrft....rmmbr /... 'v knwn Gr fr yrs, w'v srvd tgthr nd flwn tgthr. H hs lwys dmnstrtd hs blt t mntn hmslf n th mst strssfl sttns lk vctng cvlns n mnsn b hlcptr, flyng n wthr cndtns tht wld fnd ll f y pkng n th bck nd pryng t Jss, gt th pctr. Whr wr yr hsbnds drng ll f ths? f wr mrrd t y nd y cst ths mnt f mn r mbrssmnt, y wld b t th dr.


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Forgive me for saying this, but some people are just idiots. Gary Trusell did the right thing by having a word with the bully's father, but I'm just baffled why his neighbors immediately filed a lawsuit again Gary for being a "poor parent." This is disappointingly strange, to say the least.

Beth D. Johnson

Talking to the parent of the child who bullied his Spencer, Gary did the right and mature thing. Too bad they did not see it as mature move.

It's a good thing the court trashed the lawsuit.

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