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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Rob O.

My wife & I were very nervous about the language barrier problem when we adopted our 20-month old son from Russia last year. He wasn't really speaking yet, but he clearly understood Russian. So, we made it a priority to use baby sign language to try to overcome this. And it worked wonderfully!

An eager Liam signs for "more" food!

The sign language has largely taken a back seat since he adapted to us quickly and has developed a rich set of verbal skills so rapidly, but we still do try to incorporate it whenever possible. There are times when even the most vocal child has trouble expressing feelings, so we're trying to give him a full palette of options from which to choose.

He's changed so much in just a year, so when I see him sign "more," I'm transported back to those first scary & wonderful post-"gotcha" days.

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