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Thursday, July 09, 2009


James Marcus Bach

Speaking proudly as a high school dropout, it seems to me the dropout rate is not a problem, but the beginning of a solution to the problem of the insufferable arrogance and increasing irrelevance of public education.

The colonial/imperial mentality of bringing "civilization to savages" is alive and well in our public schools, and many private ones.

I don't think it can be reformed. The institutions are not listening. So I encourage every student who feels poorly served by the system to leave it. There are some kids who like being led around by the nose. Let them go to school.

(I feel bad for the minority of dedicated and caring teachers who risk their careers to create oases of freedom within the system. And I also feel bad for the dedicated and caring teachers who can't bring themselves to trust and work with the natural rhythms of learning that operate in all of us.)

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