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Saturday, October 31, 2009



Muchas gracias for compiling all these! I'm so pleased that a such a popular "mainstream media" outlet has published an unequivocal vaccine piece, without any of the mandatory fake-balance that seems so prevalent. It seems to be getting lots of vaccination supporters to come forward, which is great. It also gives us the chance to look more closely at how the issue is being framed and argued, which I believe is very important.


I found myself getting bored with Wired's scrap-book presentation quite some time ago and quit reading it, but when I saw the anti-anti-vax cover I knew I had to buy it, even if there was nothing in it in terms of new information to me.
Seeing a bold (& accurate) position taken on a magazine with it's circulation deserves the respect & support of my dollar.


I covered it on the 21st:

I'd like to keep my kids thanks

Yeah, to question the wisdom of 100,000 vaccines per baby (don't shoot the messenger here) means your sexist. Good thing Amy Wallace is a respectful feminist:
"McCarthy, an actress and a former Playboy centerfold"
OH she's a former playboy centerfold! Well I can stop listening to her and start ridiculing her right away now that I know she's just some 'dumb bimbo.' Thank you Amy for that bit of information about Jenny McCarthy which is clearly both highly pertinant to the article and a defining aspect of Jenny McCarthy's life.

Wired has the best reportage, I go to them for all my answers regarding complex public health issues, as should you. I can't wait to get into "WTF TV: the most demented comedy show ever."

what you say? Yes, OF COURSE they're a serious news source!

I'd like to keep my kids thanks

*re:WTF tv
it was that fine news magazine's other cover story in the vaccine issue... "reportage" lol.


What a fantastic resource of all that has been written about Wallace's article. Thanks so much for compiling this.

Broken Link


There are a heaping handful more, courtesy of Isis, I guess.

Try googling jb handley misogyny.


Gr8 work Liz


Oh nice collection. I am finding such kind of resource for several month.It's pretty nice and helpful.

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