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Friday, November 27, 2009



Nicely done. :-)


I know all this, and our family still cannot morally justify using a product that took innocent life to develop it.

The Japanese Rubella vaccine came from a throat swab, why can't I have something like that available for my kids instead of one that took 28 lives?

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Throughout sanitization of the vaccine all cells are removed. Human cell lines are used in the early stages. The disease for the vaccine is grown in a human cell line, then kill or spoiled so it cannot cause disease. The abortions were not conducted for the purpose of vaccine discovery or vaccine production. No new fetal handkerchief is required in the ongoing production of vaccines because cell lines can reproduce themselves in culture and can be used for a very long time. Nice post quite interesting.

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This is quite interesting. Can you guys file a lawsuit against peopel who do this? Recently I've approached a Topamax Birth Defects Lawyer because my baby had congenital problems when she was born and I was under the medication Topamax when I was pregnant.

Anyways, thanks for sharing your opinion on this post.


I am curious if you are doing the swine flu vncciae also? I don't believe that vncciaes cause autism, but they can cause inflammation and therefore I think that children whose autism is related to some sort of auto-immune reaction are not unlikely to experience some aggravation of symptoms. I find it fascinating that in all the debate, I have yet to see anyone point out that hte CDC fact sheets for these vncciaes warns to be cautious with children with autoimmune disorders. I am not really anti-vax, but I have not done any vaccinations since dx which was about 8 months ago, since none of them seems really critical to have at this point and I figure, why heap more inflammation on an already struggling brain? But I am really torn about the swine flu vncciae. I worry about that one mostly because it seems like it was rushed to market. I am having a hard time trusting it. Not to sound like a commie, but I have seen too much from the inside to trust corporate America. And while privilege prevents me from telling you why, let me tell you that I have absolutely zero faith in the fda. negative faith, even, if that is possible.



but they can cause inflammation

So does any infection. The swine flu has been incorporated into this year's influenza vaccine, which my children and I all received (my kids are all older than seventeen). It may not be in next year's influenza vaccine.

There is no evidence that vaccines have a connection to autoimmune diseases, which was one of the things covered by the Vaccine Safety Datalink studies. Which you can find here.

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