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Thursday, November 26, 2009


David N. Brown

I've written something on similar lines: In "Worlds of Naughtenny Moore", a campfire is started with a thermite grenade.

Liz Ditz

You can find David's book here:

“I’m Ted Flockman, senior field manager for Naughtenny Moore’s Time Travel Association. This is my story. Being a professional time traveler isn’t a safe job, let alone an easy one. I’ve tangled with dinosaurs, venomous lizards, armored fish, aggressive dodo birds and one mean toothless crocodile. I’ve survived plane crashes, car crashes and a ship wreck. But I’ve learned the hard way that the greatest danger in any time or place is human carelessness and malice. Fortunately, I always have my partner Carlos Wrzniewski standing by with an itchy but discriminating trigger finger, and a lovely technologies specialist named Dianna making sure we know the way home. With them by my side, I have never failed to get back… at least, not yet.”

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