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Monday, November 23, 2009



I have a small post here. Thanks, Liz.


:-) Thanks for collecting these!


Thanks for putting these together. I do see a positive in all this...the posts criticising the Trib-generally stem from one or two places, mainly AoA. The posts commending them are from diverse sources. That is good to see.


Thank you very much for the link. I also browsed through some of the other links here and they are very good.

Thanks Again!


he posts criticising the Trib-generally stem from one or two places, mainly AoA.

Looks like it's almost all AoA and its Canadian branch :)


It is possible that I'm missing some posts. If you know of any (especially posts critical of the Trib coverage) let me know.


Glad to see the posts in favor are more numerous than those against. I hope people send favorable comments to the authors as well.
I also have a post on this if you'd like to include it:


I added Stephanie's post. Go get to know her through her blog.



James A. Kinney, Esq.

Unfortunately, while the vaccine debate may "seem" settled, many feel it is not. Factual statistics are hard to come by and it is no secret (i.e., it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if there were indeed a connection between certain immunizations or the ingredients or preservatives therein, the government and pharmaceutical companies would be doing everything to cover it up).

I have studied autism extensively for nearly 20 years, and hold three degrees. I am considered an expert in the field and am also a scientist not only a researcher. My own son has autism and "regressed" immediately after receiving his diptheria, pertusis, and tetanis vaccine at age 14 mos. Prior to this, he developed perfectly "normal" however, immediately afterward, he lost the vocabulary that he did possess of some 125 words or so and exhibited ALL the classical signs of autism. GOOD research shows that he is NOT alone as upwards of 30-40 percent of autistics "regress" sometime during this period when they are, in my humble opinion, "over-vaccinated."

I am NOT against vaccinations, but to the contrary, believe they should be given separately, spread out more, and their ingredients tested more stringently as I DO believe them to be the culprit in a number of cases. I DO NOT believe childhood immunizations to be the cause of autism in ALL cases, but feel there is a genetic "predisposition" or weakness involved and vaccines, the overload of them, or the ingredients therein, simply act as a triggering mechanism in many cases.

Hope this is useful. What we do need to do, is stop troubling ourselves with finding a "cure" and IDENTIFY the CUASE(S) in order to stem the rising tide of new diagnoses.

The unethical treatments that autism is vaccine injury and other false premises gives rise to.. Outstanding :)

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