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Sunday, December 20, 2009


maia jackson

I have two children, they live in separate homes with relatives because I lack the finances and mental capability to care for them. I am pregnant now and think that it would be responsible on my part to have an abortion. If I would have had the funding, I would have had an abortion with two of my children. But, because I could not afford to have the procedure, my children were force to live in poverty.

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Just for today I will be happy. This assumes to be true what Abraham Lincoln said,that "Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be."


A scruffy Alabama terrier mix named Mason was whisked away by fierce twisters last month, prompting his owners, who lost their home in the storm, to fear the worst. But the redoubtable mutt apparently crawled back to his home days later with two broken legs in a remarkable tale of survival.

Local news outlet WBRC reports that Mason was blown away by the storm from the garage in Birmingham where he was hiding on April 27. His owners looked for him everywhere but couldn't find him. Two and a half weeks later, though, they found Mason waiting for them on their front porch when they returned to the house to look through the debris.


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