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Friday, December 18, 2009


John Hayes

"They were looking for evidence to show how the dissociation between cognitive ability and reading ability might develop in children."

I don't understand how they expected to determine what they were looking for by their method and see the study as a waste of money.

Is reading ability and IQ uncoupled in dyslexia over time news or just a stab at using the conclusion as part of a definition of what dyslexia is.

Wouldn't a negative conclusion of reading ability and IQ are coupled in dyslexics basically also mean that dyslexia doesn't really exist as reading ability and IQ are coupled in non dyslexics.

"The researchers found that in typical readers, IQ and reading not only track together, but also influence each other over time."

Why am I not surprised that good readers read more with better comprehension and reading more with better comprehension helps them get higher IQ scores on IQ tests.

Hey Sally. Does vocabulary size increase with age from 5-15 years old dyslexics? There is a 10 year study for you.

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