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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Mrs, Rose Moore

First of all what happened in him not getting a diagnosis of Autism? Did Caroly's Insurnace cover it. One this information is used in the IEP than the school has to pay for the evaluation in full. The State Licensed Psychiatrist or a State Licensed Psychologist would have done the evaluaton and put into the evalaution all the accommodatons, modifications, benchmarks and goals that Zahk need. In the other assessments like the Cornors and the Wats, the Presenident Levels of Performancs and functional assessment and funcational behavioral assessment as well, would have give the school and the teachers and ateh support staff all the information they needed to work with ZAKH... all the information ahouls have been put into his IEP and Behavioral Modification Plan. In conjunction with this their sould have been a full time aid as well as an Emergency Crisis plan when things get really tuff for him.

My undersatnding is that he went into his quite area and was calming down when the police and the Principal came in to get him by touching him by putting handcuffs on him. Something that will definitely cause him to start his rampage all over again. So from the original offense caused by the disability to the police and Principal Handcuffing him, more violence due to this acttion, attempting to get him in to the Police Car and then prolems in the police car the Felony charges just kept mounting up.
My undwerstanding is that the police office and the Principal had no training at all in how to handle Zakh and just worked by the seat of their pants cuseing more stress and stife and fear into the child.

I understand that his file did was reviewed by the Officer nor the Principal not thefact of the help that was needed to control Zakh. Where was the school psychologist during all of this. Why wasn't the grandmothercalled immediately to help calm him down and talk to him. Why was it hours later that she was called.

Was a Manifestation Meeting held 10 days after the incident. If the recommendation was suspension or expulsion was a Manifistration Hearting then done. Did the results of the Hearing go to the Board of Education Trustees to make the final decisions. These are all the avenues that must have been followed.

Ignorance of the policy and procedures and developing a sound, soild and comprehensive IEP and Behaviroal Plan should have been in existence with trainging for everyone involved with Zakh. It sounds like none of this was done.

I wouldlike to know what all the charges were filed against Zakh from the reason that started themelt down to being sent to jail and thereafter without any of his records being sent with the Police Officer and given to the Judge..
It seems to me Arkansas is attempting to send to court, to establish a legal prescendt to remove all Autism kids from the Public School System for the rest of the nation to follow.
Sad but true.
Rose Moore
Carole Reynolds and Zakh will be on The Rose Moore SHow on, world wide and nation wide from 6-7 pm PSY. on Saturday March 27, 2010. CHeck for your local times. This is one show all parents with Autistic childen need to hear beause this could happen to your child.

Rose Moore

Mrs. Rose Moore

What is your opinion on Kids with Autism that are no evaluated properyl, evalautons, observations and testng are no reviewed by everyone - even the police depatment. Did the place that had Zakh before come to any meetings to offer solutions to the problems he had and to train others at his new school. Were the Police Officers trained in how to handle these type of kids with multi-modality diagnoses? Why wasn't an IEP done right on this child. Was the State Licensed Psychologist at the meeting there to set up a training programs and give input into the IEP and Behavioral Plan???? Were was everyone?????
Rose Moore- Disability Advocate for 29 years. Host of The Rose Moore Show on on every saturday from 6-7 pm PST (check for local times) wher we talk about siutations just like this.

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