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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Capital G

Shame the Vile?

OK, let's start with YOU!

Why are you so critical of the Haitian legend of the Boukman Pact? It is a widely held belief among Haitians and has been an integral part of their history for hundreds of years.

It is culturally insensitive of you to belittle this legend in general - and especially disturbing you would choose a time such as now to mock this widely held belief.

Even the Haitian Ambassador seemed to confirm this pact on Rachel Maddow's show.

Pat Robertson was certainly not placing blame. He merely referenced this pact during an impassioned and heartfelt plea for his listeners to pray and give aid to the Haitian people.

You really don't like anybody, do you? Dump on Haitians, dump on people trying to help the Haitians. You must live a really unhappy life.


My word. The people you find commenting on blogs.

The issue is that Robertson is using this narriative in order to place the blame on the
Haitians for being "smitten by god" rather than being victims who deserve help.

You may see this as a dispute over spiritual beliefs. Me, I see Pat Robertson, and I see him regarding every dollar going there to be a dollar that doesn't come his way.

I see no reason to drag God into the matter at all, there's quite enough greed and stupidity to explain matters quite well enough.

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