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Sunday, January 03, 2010


Anne M. Zachry, KPS4Parents

Carole has located a volunteer lay advocate to assist her and will be speaking with him on Monday, Jan 5, 2010, from what I understand. However, I'm unclear as to whether he can help with any legal proceedings.

Tricia Kenney

I'm having Carole on my show tomorrow, Jan. 5th, to talk about this incident and all that has taken place since as well as updates on what legal help they need. here is the link

Ylanne Sorrows

I'm a woman with Asperger's who would love to help in any way I can. Unfortunately, while I am well versed in legal matters (due to the nature of my special interests and activities), I'm neither a law student nor lawyer, nor in the Arizona area, so I'm afraid I can't do much from afar other than offer my support and willingness to do anything I can. Email [email protected] if there's anything I can do.


I just became aware of this situation. I was outraged. So, I have sent the following letters to the school and my local papers.
Re: Treatment of Autistic Children in the Fort Smith School District, and more specifically, Beard Elementary.

I am utterly dismayed at the lack of knowledge and training regarding Autism and Asperger's disorders displayed in the Fort Smith School District. With the current rate of such cases in the general public, there is no excuse for what has occurred in your schools. Not only does this demonstrate woeful ignorance of these conditions, but, should alert all parents to these archaic practices.
I will be forwarding the complete story to my local newspapers.


I am sending this email to the principal of that school. They should be ashamed of themselves:

I am asking that you take another look at the circumstances surrounding your staff and Zach Price.
Under no circumstances should this 11 year old be charged with any crime. He's done nothing wrong except for act the way he is...a 'child with autism' who has not had his IEP implemented with proper supports and services as needed.
This child has an IQ of 68, yet you may be willing to have him sent to a psychiatric hospital for 30 days AND charge him with a crime? The only people who should be charged here are the adults who cannot and has failed to help Zachary in his placement with providing what his family has asked you to do and implement his IEP. Just wondering if you people down there have any special training with dealing with children with autism? What if this were your child? Would you think this is fair to ruin his life?
He's already been in a residential facility and is trying to make it in the society that we live in today. But how can he, or any other child with autism or any other disabilities 'make it' in today's society when all you want to do is punish him for a 'manifestation' of his disability?!
Shame on you.
Please do the right thing and get Zach the proper supports and services so he can become successful in his own environment and in society. These children depend on you for support and you are letting this one child in particular down. He already has a hard enough life as it is; do you want to harm him more by filing charges on him...especially when he probably doesn't even realize what's happened!

Lisa in Massachusetts

There are 1 in every 91 children in the United States who are living with autism and need our help. Chances are, you or someone you know is living with autism today.

AUTISM: : Help find a cure. This statistic just released October 2009

Tara Myers

This is clearly a failure of the school system itself, as evidenced by their total and complete lack of preventive actions. A Functional Based Assessment and Manifestation Determination would go a long way in identifying triggers and antecedents that can be avoided. If a child ultimately "acts out", then this means YOU have failed the child.
Your goal is to enable the child to feel safe, accepted and comfortable. The school seems to have done everything to distance the child, and cause them great emotional harm.
I will include you in my prayers.
Tara from Pennsylvania

David Bobb

My name is David, father of an Autistic child, I would like to share with you the letter I sent:

Miss Siebenmorgan and Dr.Gooden,

My name is David Bobb. I am an employee of the Federal Government, a former United States Marine and the father of an Autistic boy. I respectfully request that you drop the Felony charges against Zakh. An Autistic child defending himself against what, in is his world, may be misconstrued an attack by two adults, rather than "restraining" is absolutely no grounds to press felony charges against him.

The world that you see through your eyes and the world he sees through his eyes are just two completely different realities. There are ways to handle an Autistic child so a happy medium can be met, and from what I've read to this point, those requirements were not being met. Cornering ANY child or even any adult triggers a fight or flight reflex we have that is intrinsic. Especially an Autistic child that you have given no effort to try to understand denying yourselves in the process the tools you need to be able to cope with Autistic behaviors.

The bottom line is that Zakh's needs were not met... (a full-time aide, a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and a Positive Behavior Plan (PBP)). And now the repercussions of the School District's failure to comply with these needs and apparently distancing yourselves as far from Zakh as possible, results in a scared little child facing Felony charges. Zakh is an 11 year old boy with Autism and an IQ of 68 who has had a rough life to this point, including the death of a 3 year-old sister.

Please provide Zakh with the help he needs and rightfully deserves. My prayers are with Zakh and with you, Miss Siebenmorgan, that God will open your heart and make you realize you have a responsibility as an Educator to meet Zakhs needs and not to sweep an 11 year old child with Autism under the rug.

David Bobb


A family member maybe suffering from a Jealous delusional disorder and the rest of the family do not know what action to take or how to go about helping them. They hope that the episodes will simply go away. How do you the person suffering from the disorder? How do you help the rest of the family deal with a mental illness in the family.

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