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Sunday, January 03, 2010



Any news on this topic? Has this proven to work out more economically and efficiently than other solutions?

Comrade V

I just stumbled across this blog while web surfing, but yeah, it's pretty embarrassing that Ed Hallowell vouched his name behind this crankery. I've actually read the said study, as was published in the journal Dyslexia , and it seemed to be extremely slipshod (for example, it only had 35 participants).

The "science" behind LBT section of the Learning breakthrough Website appeared to be high on postulation and testimony, but absolutely bereft of corroborating evidence.
You'd think that company that claims to have been in business for over 30 years, and having possession such a potentially useful treatment and relatively cheap treatment for such a wide range of Neuro-Developmental disorders, they would at least try to conduct a study to back up their claims sometime.

Racer Lee

Not surprising at all about Hallowell. He's an "expert" only because the media is lazy and doesn't take the time to find more knowledgeable experts. Sometimes the "experts" are created by the PR firms. It's shocking how he has been given so much credibility by naive readers.

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