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Wednesday, January 06, 2010



We have posts up on Respect For Infinite Diversity, Countering Age of Autism, Even Dumbasses Have Feelings, and Kathleen's Autism Herd. I have the prosecuting attorney's name, email, and phone number up on Countering, as well.


There is more to this Zakh story. There has got to be. I applaud the school for putting thier foot down and filing assault charges. The legislation is bunk... it will cause more stories of kids being taken away in squad cars and institutionalized. After the de-institutionalization movement... this is a really creative way of re-institutionalizing which will be less theraputic. Police don't just "ignore the behavior" or use PBS strategies. I am looking forward to the "fall-out" backlash when that happens.

Liz Ditz

I find Shannon's attitude (a) vile (b) well, frankly, illegal. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) guarantees that all children have access to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). I strongly urge those who think the school's actions are appropriate to read the arrest report and the persecution of Zakh's family, as covered by citizen journalist Emily Willingham, Zakhquery (Zakh) Price and the System The Public Owes Him Nothing.

Liz Ditz

And now there's the "let no blog go un-trolled" movement arising from this story.

My reaction to it may possibly explain why I get so few comments in general. :>


Liz, You have missed the point. Pay more attention to the comment about de-institutionalization. If ecological stratigies need to be in place for Zakh to be successful in an inclusion setting, then they absolutely need to be in place. However, with Zakh's history, it does not sound like there could possibly be enough supports. FAPE does not mean inclusion for everyone. If my person was injured by a student, it is my choice to file assault charges. None of us can understand what led, not one but two, employees to file those charges. Teachers can not teach and work in a war zone everyday without resolution.

Liz Ditz

What you don't understand, Shannon, is the reason for Zakh's hospitalization. Evidently you haven't researched enough. Yes, he had behavioral challenges. But the school district found that they could get a third party (I believe Medicare, but I could be wrong) to pay for the hospitalization, rather than the district paying for the support he needed to be successful in the classroom.

Now: on to inclusion. FAPE stands for Free Appropriate Public Education. For some special-needs students, that's full inclusion. For others, it's partial. For yet others, it's a separate classroom.

As to your "war zone" comment. It seems clear to me that Zakh was goaded into his behavior by undertrained teachers.

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