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Tuesday, February 02, 2010



Hi, Liz--

Here's mine:

Thanks as always for maintaining these lists. They're a great source.

Corina Becker

I did a bit of a piece about responsibility, called the Triggering of Wakefield, if you deem it compatible with the list.

Broken Link

This is a noble idea, Liz, but there are currently 473 google news articles on this topic, found by searching "wakefield retracts". Many are opinion pieces, and almost all of them are pro-retraction.

Here's a cute example:

Liz Ditz

I should have made it clear that I'm tracking blog posts (the blogosphere) rather than the main-stream media sources.

Kristjan Wager

I also wrote something on the issue as well:

I obviously approve

Broken Link

Heather Horn, writing in the Atlantic Wire

has also compiled a list of blog reactions, including one by Arthur Allen in Slate

(or maybe these are too mainstream)

Linda Brodsky, MD

Interesting lists. I hope the right people get the picture. Thanks for tracking these blogs. Wonder if twitter is seeing the reaction, too.


Here is my two cents:


Great list, will certainly look at your efforts more frequently :)


Latest news is that it seems that Wakefield may have resigned from Thoughtful House:

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I have been watching and listening to the media circus following the vilification of Dr. Andrew Wakefield with great interest and sadness. I pray that people will rise above our sound bite world to understand that there is a tremendous amount at stake and we all better be paying careful attention


That:''On The Lancet's Retraction of Wakefield's 1998 Paper Alleging A Connection Between the MMR Vaccine and Autism'' article it's a piece of work let me tell you, and the huge list of blogs help too!!

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