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Monday, March 29, 2010



Nicely done, Liz. My dad and I were arguing over research relating to learning styles just last week, with me pointing out that they'd pretty much been debunked as far as any efficacy relating to matching teaching style to student learning style. :-)


I don't know. I think matching the styles could be of help to some students, especially those who do not adapt swiftly to each teachers way of presenting information. I think it's hard to accurately state whether it is or isn't given each individual is different and no study is able to study every human on earth. At best they can only draw a conclusion on a limited population and hope it stands up when the next person comes along to do the same study.


I remember a principal who preached 7 types of brain compatible learning. I never did satisfy her requirement to properly teach gerunds to bodily-kinesthetic learners...

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