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Friday, April 16, 2010



My 13 year-old son with Autism has an instructional reading level of grade 6 and an independent reading level of grade 3.8. One of his challenges is tracking text. Recently, his visual processing was evaluated by a team of two optomitrists and an occupational therapist which has been seeing him for about 6 years.

The report of this exam include the following: "M's tracking eye movement skills have improved significantly as comapred to his previous eye examination. He is now able to track from left to right in a readeing pattern extremely well and I attribute this development to his music training."

The behavioral optomitrist explained to me that music is harder to read than text and the music tracking skill generalized to text.

M's musical training is in a weekly conservatory piano class with typical peers. He has learned theory, fingering, music reading, composition, improvisation, ensemble playing, voice and performance at recitals for four years. Previously, he had music therapy, and it was a bad experience.


Music helps the development of all children, and especially those with a disability.

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