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Sunday, May 30, 2010



That's refreshing.

chiropractor spokane

That is why if you want to experience chiropractor don't go to a fake chiropractor practitioner. Find a licensed and experienced chiropractor practitioner so that you won't regret any thing....

chiropractor Michael Haley

I am a chiropractor and have no problem telling the truth - that is that you should make educated choices for your children. Some vaccines carry more weight than others and none are without risk. You certainly wouldn't want to get vaccines that won't be needed. For example, getting a vaccine to protect against a disease that is only spread by sharing needles and promiscuity would not be necessary for someone not engaging in those activities. Getting vaccinated against diseases that don't pose much risk such as chicken pox might not be wise, especially in people with already compromised immune systems. Getting a vaccine against pertussis when you have a houseful of children and outbreaks in the community might be a wise choice and save months of aggravation. Pertussis is a more serious illness than chicken pox. Don't be blind to the risks and possible benefits. Choose wisely.

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