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Monday, June 07, 2010



I showcased the new endeavor on the Autism Blogs Directory and added it to the hodge podge section. :-) Good luck with it!


What a great site, thanks for recommending.


Good site but I certainly hope there will be other contributors. Shannon seems to constantly have a huge chip on her shoulder and I won't be reading if she writes every post. She comes across as very passive aggressive and is a turn off to read.


Beth, thanks for the comment.

We have about 35 unique writers lined up for the blog -- some have committed, some have semi-committed.

The blog has been Shannon-heavy at the beginning because we literally thought of the whole project 10 days ago, and we didn't need to wait for her permission to edit and publish posts -- as she is one of the three editors.

Of course, we cleverly planned this project to kick off at one of the busiest times of the school year -- for us in California, school is just over, or will be next week.

One of the things we hope to accomplish is to add an element of social, racial and cultural diversity to the conversation about autism.

So keep reading -- I think you will find several posts of interest.


Hi Liz,

Thanks for this.

My 13 y/o son, Mars, is three to four years behind the norms in reading comprehension. His state-of-the-art Autism school has not helped him catch up. Their Visualization and Verbalization (Linda Mood Bell) intervention doesn't help. Their SRA Reading Counts program doesn't help.

Could thinking people with Autism who have overcome such reading lags and now enjoy reading for pleasure share their stories here?



Dear Sarah,

Good question!

This is an area I'm just beginning to explore in my own professional development.

I have a few starters for you:

Go check out the blog Out In Left Field on reading

and on grammar and its effect on reading comprehension

She is a linguist and the parent of children on the spectrum.

You may wish to look at Michelle Garcia Winner's work on social thinking and academic issues

Check out this

As I said, it is a start.....


May I suggest someone to add to your list of writers???
Cathy Knoll, her website -
She is a music therapist(sp??) that works alot with austic people of all ages

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