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Thursday, June 24, 2010



Read about the whooping cough outbreak yesterday. It is so terribly frightening that people are not vaccinating their children and exposing them to such deadly diseases. I know that before my oldest went to college they are euqired to take a measles titer, because of the rash of measles outbreaks throughout the coutnry on college campuses. i do have one thought it possible that California is having this high outbreak because of the prevalence of illegal aliens in the state and its not related to people's fear of vaccines, but rather to the lack of access (or fear to access)?

Ann Mere

I am 68 yrs old & employed fulltime as a third grade teacher in Los Angeles. All of my students are immigrant children (their legal status I don't know). I had whopping cough as a toddler, and I don't want to get it again. I think I should get the vaccine.

I know that those 64 and older are not told to get it, but I think it is because the med establishment assumes all or most people are retired by my age.

What do you recommend?

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