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Sunday, July 04, 2010


David N. Brown

I shamelessly plug my own post:

I plan on putting more up at "Evil Possum."

Ihave been struck by the fact that alt med/ biomed/ anti-vax sites seem to be simply ignoring this. Only Tim "O'Ranter" Bolen has come out in support of DDI.

James Randie

Stephen Barrett has never won any legal cases! In baseball terms he is batting.000 Send all your money to him, and watch him lose. This whole involvement of the atheist skeptic movement is a giant wast of time. Why don't you ask James Randi about his interest in young boys? I wouldn't want to be involved with these people! The tape will be on the internet soon for everyone to listen to what kind of people these are!

David N. Brown

Apparently, a few trolls are also trying to drum up interest. Any assertion that Barrett is unable to defend himself in court is fully comparable to the delusion of the US military pre-WW2 that the Japanese couldn't field an effective air force.


Let´s try to spread the story into the germanspeking sceptics-scene:


I'm not sure what this site's purpose is, but I would hope you could understand why Barrett's claim against provoked testing is a complete manipulation. I'm guessing the author here doesn't?

Many heavy metals BIND to tissues in the body. They are not in circulation in the blood to be removed by the kidneys into the urine except for possibly a few days to a couple weeks. After that any collection of urine or blood will not reveal true poisoning or toxicity. Barrett knows this I assume as he gets so much financing from Pharma, but his purpose is to distort the truth.

Without provoked testing you have no idea of the body burden of heavy metals unless you were just poisoned the day before the test. The reference level is a non-provoked level because you essentially should not have any level of poison in your body that your body can't remove on your own.

I'm thankful this lab is suing Barret, however I see he has funding from a number of pharma financed media groups, so as always he will probably get to go on spewing lies and helping to boost their profits.


I agree with jon's 07-07-2010 post. Doctors Data toxic metals test was especially useful as a GUIDE to how much mercury I had & how efficiently my body was eliminating it. This was supervised by a qualified professional--an ND who is NOT a quack. Mercury toxicity is a serious issue which most MDs don't take seriously. MDs don't have all the answers. There will always be charlatans, & many of them are MDs. Does Barrett write about them???


Lu-Lu, how many MDs are on the following list:

Tim Bolen

Stephen Barrett is in big trouble in the Doctor's Data v Barrett case.

BIG trouble.

You can follow the case at There you can sign up for the newsletter, and follow the case as it happens.

Currently Barrett has filed a Motion to Dismiss the case, but there is little chance that will happen. His reason he wants a Dismissal? He claims he is "assisting the government..."

Next comes "discovery," a process where Barrett will have to cough up thousands of documents, then go into a video-taped Deposition where he will be forced to answer questions about his support network - those that helped him get his articles on the first page of search engines.

Barrett's lead attorney seems to have disappeared, and he has been LATE making EVERY filing deadline since the case began.

The fun has just begun.

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