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Saturday, August 14, 2010



Sodium chlorite?! People put this in their mouths? I know it does no good asking, but honestly what is wrong with people? I could easily pose as a teacher, crank out a website, and start passing off hydrofluoric acid as a treatment and it'd take the FDA five years to stop me, meanwhile the credulous would keep burning their faces off in search of some alternate therapy.

I don't know what's more vile, Big Pharma's bad marketing practices or grifters promoting bleach to Crohn's sufferers.

David N. Brown

Looks like a spammer came thru... but what is this person spamming for???

David  S.

I researched it, tried it, and it worked. I passed 4 large white worms after taking the solution for two weeks.

It cured my dog's cancer. She had a golf ball sized tumor and a bleeding ulcer on her side. The vet wanted $1500 to surgically remove it. I decided to try the mms first. three drops per day activeated with lime juice and gave it to her with a little food. It also cured her arthritis. She no longer limps and she is springy and happy.

I've used to to wipe out a flu in two days.

And, Im using it on my rosacea in combination with DMSO with mixed results, but I keep trying different dilutions and amounts of times i keep it on my face

has great facts on the matter.

It may not be able to cure everything, but it's been darn effective for me on a number of things with relatively few side effects. I have had nausea and diarrhea when i took too much.

This product is not industrial bleach. Do your research. You are doing yourself a disservice if you do not experiment with how this product may assist your health. Watch the Youtube interviews. They are extremely helpful.

 Sulfur Mineral

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I don't know why I even wonder anymore when news like this hits the media? Some companies has no respect for their costumer. Wait, someone might say that they didn't know about this. Why does such side effects can be found by independent sources and the company almost never spots it. I'm thoroughly discussed with such attitudes.

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