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Thursday, September 23, 2010



The interview was great, Liz. You covered soooo much. I would be helped if you had a list of topics covered in the interview listed here on this post. Maybe even annotated with your major points. (I would be helped to remember what to comment on.)

At least, please include in this post the length of the interview - I had a hard time listening with interruptions - might've waited until later if I knew it was that long.

I am a big supporter of HWT as a method, but I am also quick to say this program is not for every child experiencing fine motor delays that result in handwriting impairments. Often HWT is presented in too much of a context like 'panacea' or 'cure' (not that you did). I would mention it as a good option for children who show early signs of problems. A push for a child to learn to handwrite while falling behind in all other academics is questionable but ultimately up to the parent. (Reminds me of the insistence of some that children must crawl first.)

Well, this is long enough, eh?


Something you should know about the franchise tutoring places that are so popular, they hire high school students.

What was scary is that my son's 11th grade girlfriend went into one to ask about getting help in math, she was hired (in another subject). My daughter is thinking of applying to one later in the year.

My son with speech/language issues that extended to academics received help from a private clinic from actual speech/language pathologists. They were a great help.

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