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Saturday, October 30, 2010


David N. Brown

I've edited this post to remove names
Be careful... In case you didn't notice, [redacted] has been saying that you and David Gorski will be added as defendants in DDI v. Barrett cuz encouraging other writers to express their views on a subject is equivalent to conspiracy. Therfore, according to [redacted] , BLF will sue you and Orac too.

Seriously, I am trying to find a way to have [redacted] forced to take down posts in which he claimed that bloggers would be added as defendants just for condemning the suit. I believe a precedent needs to be set that such misuse of an actual proceeding for the purpose of undermining free speech is unacceptable. I have sent a complaint to Orange County authorities reporting his threats as possible violations of California Penal Code 526, which prohibits simulating legal process. I strongly recommend you do the same. Or just take away [redacted] web domain and his mail box in small claims court.

Darcy Cowan

Wow, Awesome list. Well done.

If you are interested I've been collating the NZ generated posts over the week.


Thanks, I now have half a dozen (more) tabs open!
She Thought also has There Is No Mercury in Vaccines cross posted at Science@home, and part 2 of F*cking Vaccines! How do they work both up on the 4th.


I love that I'm Bing McGhandi, PhD. :))



One final entry for me. Great job on the list!



I would like to add my own blog ( to the aggregate:

Overview of vaccine awareness week:

I assume that if I link to each of the posts for the week I will get stuck in moderation.


I added one, perhaps late... but I was inspired:

Kyla Matton

Thanks so much for linking to my post! It's great to see such a roundup of informative writing. I obviously have some serious reading to do!

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