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Thursday, November 18, 2010



Laura isn't anonymous to many of the bloggers who read her and are facebook friends with her (where she uses her full name), so although I'll note that Handley if he were to happen on her blog might conclude she was anonymous.

Handley had to have known quite clearly that he was factually incorrect about the anonymous bit, but it may be another example where he simply doesn't understand the meaning of words.

For an anonymous blogger who is on the side of AoA in general but decided Handley owed Sullivan (but oddly enough not Bonnie Offit), see MJ at Autism Jabberwocky.


LizDitsy is JB Handley?

Oh, that's priceless!!


Yeah, I didn't know that using my real name, and the real names of my husband and children could qualify me as anonymous. I don't know how to add "contact me" information to my blog, and don't see the point since you can "contact" me by leaving a message on my blog.

I don't know. I'm not really anybody, but I'm hardly anonymous. Just because people don't know "who you are" doesn't mean you're anonymous. And I know it wasn't you who said it, but I'm definitely NOT chicken shit.


I doubt it would be that difficult to track down my full name either. I won't bother posting it here as I do not want to lend credence to their line of reasoning but if anyone sends me a message or comments on my blog I would be very willing to give my full name and answer any questions they might have.

David N. Brown

I believe I have the distinction of being easier to track down by my "handle" than by my real name. Surprisingly, there are other people going by the name "Evil possum", but not many.

David N. Brown

Here's my reply to this:


Thanks David, great work as always.  I added it to the list.

There is one factual error -- I think the Handleys now live in the Northwest -- I can't remember if it is Portland or Seattle.


I'm quite sure it's clear by now to Handley and all the AoA editors that Sullivan is what he claims he is.

I think everyone wants to know: Is Handley going to make good on his promise, yes or no? If not, what's the justification?


The Handleys live in Portland.

I think my full name is out there somewhere. But it won't help you much. I see it all the time on local real estate signs, but I am not a real estate agent. Last time I googled (30 seconds ago) there 294000 hits.


"Although I don't know MJ myself, I know people who know him in real life and vouch for his identity"

Really? Who vouched for my identity?

If you don't feel comfortable answering that question here then drop me a line at my e-mail address from either this comment or using the link on my site.

David N. Brown

It was my impression that JB lived in Washington or Oregon, but the most specific reference I could find on one of his own sites was about him doing business in San Francisco. All are a part of the Pacific Northwest "Bigfoot" territory, so I don't see it as particularly important for my purposes.

This afternoon, I did the logical thing for Olmsted, Blaxill and/or Handley to do if they sincerely doubted Sullivan's identity, which was looking at IP info from one of his emails. I got the following information:
NetType: IANA Special Use...
OrgName: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
Address: 4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330
City: Marina del Rey
StateProv: CA

So, it looks AT LEAST completely plausible that Sullivan resides in California, which is an awfully long way from Paul Offit's house...


@David: It's a no-no to post people's personal information on the internet. (I realize that's the ISP's address, but you've identified an approximate geographical location.)

David N. Brown

I appreciate that there are issues, and carfully considered what to put. In any event, Handley, Olmsted, et al should ALREADY have this information, and a lot more.


Mr. Handley's comment (as LizDitsy) makes more sense to me now than when he first posted it. It was out of context. He wasn't referring to the discussion that was ongoing at LBRB at the time, but to the previous comments by Liz on the Squidalicious blog, the comment that Mr. Handley misinterpreted as stating I am a woman.


Peter Bowditch's badge at TAM in Australia:
Bonnie Offit

Autism spectrum

Interesting article ... Me really go with that there are issues, and carfully considered what to put....This is very impressive and informative .. I feel very willing to give my full name...Its more comforatable too ...

Truly Anonymous

David (and Liz), that IP detail wasn't for California. IANA is not an ISP. If it's appearing in an email then it's a mask. IANA IP numbers are not yet assigned.

Liz, if you know MJ's real name please email me at the address I've given you. He's in a lot of legal hot water.

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