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Sunday, December 05, 2010



Age of Autism has a Facebook page? It honestly never occurred to me to look for it.

I fail to see how [once again] disregarding ethics helps people with autism.


As Kathleen noted in the comments at Countering, if only they directed some of that energy towards positive action, think of the progress that could be made. We have people insisting it's vaccines. We have others taking advantage of these beliefs and offering quack cures, and we have still others offering up FC and rapid prompting, co-opting the voices of the disabled and patting themselves on the back for their good deeds. All the while, the advocacy that needs to be done to promote better funding for adults on the spectrum for job training, medical needs, and housing can't get heard for all the crap in the way.

Emily Willingham

I don't ever read AoA unless someone blogs something that makes me feel I *must* click over to see what it's all about. I just don't see the point in reading them, and I've never tried to comment. From what I've seen over there and in people's posts involving comments on AoA's Facebook page, etc., the environment that AoA creates is far more toxic than thimerosal or any of their other favorite bugbears could ever be. They're also repulsively crass, which is something I can't stand, regardless of who you are.

And it's evidently not enough for them to confine their toxic garbage to their "newspaper." As my 9 yo autistic son learned in social skills a couple of weeks ago, the emotions you bring with you spread to the people around you, like the drop of food coloring they put in the water that day in class. AoA spreads bitterness and anger even in the bytes and bits they hurl up online, and when they spread it beyond their virtual borders, the outcome is always unfortunate, to put it mildly.

When they spread that nastiness to attacking others personally, as they have done to Elyse, they touch in a negative way the lives of people who would really rather never read anything about them with their crassness, fringe paranoia, and overall repulsiveness. I'm sorry that this happened to Elyse. I've seen them go after people in ways that only a twisted mind could conceive or find amusing. It's not surprising to me that they've done this. My first impulse with them is always simply to look away. In my opinion, the best thing we can do with people like this is ignore them as much as possible. No one except their small group of devoted acolytes takes them seriously any more, so they're probably no longer worth much energy.


Don't forget to report the photo, click on it and bottom right there is a link.


I think it is worth keeping clear that the Age of Autism is a media outlet (such as it is) for SafeMinds and other groups.

This bit of cyber bullying is simple retaliation by SafeMinds against a woman whose actions were honorable--but whose actions were effective in halting an action of SafeMinds.

The idea that Elyse is anti-choice is a stretch at best, and shows that AoA and SafeMinds don't want to keep this discussion on ideas. Instead, they prefer personal attack.

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