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Saturday, December 04, 2010


Tammy Swarek

My post is only to the statement that a single issue can not be responsible for a host of neurological problems as you call it. I beg to differ. Have you ever read the sheets that are issued with your medications? Each "symptom" that it may cause is very different from one to the next. All stemming from the same cause. People react differently. That is just common sense.


I find it interesting that people are willing to take medicine for a problem like ADHD. How many dual drug studies have been done with any of the ADHD medications? I ask this since many of these children take more than one.
Answer: None. There is not one study on not only the cross effects that a 2nd medication will do to the results of the 1st medicine, but what side effects result from it. Yet when you go the person prescribing the medicine, they will say it's safe. There's no way for them to even know that.


Dr. Dulcan is used as an "expert". She is the furthest thing from. She was at the center of the biggest ADHD drug scandal in US History. It's easy to find this information as they had congressional hearings over it. Her group falsified findings on an ADHD drug from Eli Lilly. The findings showed that the drug caused an increased rate of suicides, stunted children's growth, and worked worse than the placebo. They stated none of these facts in their findings and said the drug worked. Their findings indicated results that were in direct opposition to the data. They openly lied. She also receives several hundred thousand dollars a year from Eli Lilly. Again, this is public information and easy to get.

She is hardly the person that should be billed as an expert. In fact, she used to be editor of a psychology magazine, but that was taken away from her because of her falsifying of study results. Just last year the BBC asked her whether she was sorry that she participated in the release of that study. She said no because it increased discussion around the topic. In other words, she didn't care that kids were trying to kill themselves at a higher rate because it created a discussion.

I find that vile. I would never want my child around her or anything associated with her.


Let me look at Boulton's 2nd "expert". Maybe she's better.....NOPE.

Your so-called experts are awful. The more I look into them, the more I wonder where did you scrape these people up from. Expert #2 is Harriet Hall. She touts an award from CFI, Los Angeles in 8/2010. This group is a consolidation of various atheist groups throughout California. Nice.

If you look more into her history, it's no shock that she would question Brain Balance and their studies. The studies were conducted through the F. R. Carrick Institute for Clinical Ergonomics, Rehabilitation, and Applied Neuroscience (C.E.R.A.N.). Dr. Carrick was on a special on PBS about a chiropractic procedure that was helping people and giving great results. Harriet Hall wrote a critical piece about this. Dr. Carrick then wrote a response to this critique by going point by point and shutting down her reasons against this program. In fact, he showed how little she actually knew about working with patients through a testing protocol. You can read it here:

Ever since this back and forth between the two, she has tried to discredit anything even slightly associated with Dr. Carrick because he embarrassed her.

Not exactly an impartial point of view and a spokesperson for atheists. That isn't someone I want speaking for me either. Pathetic.


Here's some commentary on the article:


Hmm - Dr. Jim Roche's post on Brain Balance -- which I'd chosen to link to in an online discussion recently -- has gone "poof". Have you come in for any cease-and-desist pressure to take this one down (as if you'd cave to that sort of thing!)? I'm wondering whether there's a web-scrubbing arm of the Brain Balance online marketing strategy...

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