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Saturday, January 08, 2011



I thought this was an interesting editorial: A shot in the arm:

In response to the detailed demolition of his research and ethics, Wakefield turned to Twitter, where he said, “BMJ? Had its day. Join the Autism File Global”.

No, Mr Wakefield, we shall not.

Liz Ditz

Thanks Chris -- posted both


Thanks for including my post in your round-up. It's flattering to be in such company. :)


Sorry Liz, that didn't hyperlink, but medworm is a great source to keep track of news and info on medical issues, including vaccines.


Do a search on "news" and "blogs" for wakefield fraud

Kat C

Thanks for including me in your round-up. It is such an important subject and it is good to know there are so many people making sure the truth gets more attention than the initial fraud.

Harold L Doherty

"Reactions from those favorable to Wakefield and/or the vaccines cause autism idea"

You listed my blog comment under "favorable to Wakefield section". That is an incorrect description. I made no comment for or against Dr Wakefield. I have never, at any time, offered an opinion on the merits of the Lancet study.

I have two blog comments on the BMJ fraud allegations both of which point out that Wakefield has not been convicted or found guilty of fraud by a court of law or administrative tribunal with legal authority to hear and adjudicate the allegations.

I hope this comment clears up your confusion.

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