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Friday, January 14, 2011



Campbells Cream of Sweetcorn Condensed Soup has disappeared over here, I have one can I am hoarding for when I am really desperate!There are some soups which may not be home-made but they are very special.


This is a wonderful recipe. Sounds healthy and i wanna try this right away. This seems to be my kinda dish. The ingredients and the dumplings used are the tempting factors here.

No Blarney

They say that as one window closes, another on opens. . .Campbells has indeed discontinued their Pepper Pot, but Bookbinder's is bringing their Seafood Pepper Pot soup back to regional grocery stores. Their version is made with seafood (primarily cod) instead of tripe (cows tongue) but should be an excellent option. I understand it is suppose to be available in late July or early August from Bookbinder Specialties in PA.


Tripe is most definitely not tongue.


I Live in Utah, and couldn't find "Pepper Pot" soup, so I went to my home state of Pennsylvania, to my home town. My wife and I went into (in total of both states) 110 supermarkets, trying to find this soup!
My Father fixed for me, as a special supper treat, from 1955-64. I loved Pepper Pot soup so much, I even had a case sent to me, when I was in the U.S.Navy, and on my 25th Birthday.
It's nothing like Menudo, ( a Mexican Tripe dish), it was accepted By the Italian neighborhood, I was raised in.
In College, I fixed Pepper Pot soup a lot for my dates. It's a shame, you discontinued this, it became pricey at 1.25 a can, (1990) but well worth it!

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