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Saturday, January 22, 2011



So sorry for your loss,

Steve (Twinarp)

If you have not already heard @georgeHrab's 'Small Comfort' I suggest you listen. Pointed, poignant story of having to part with dear pet via similar decision. The Pseudo Skeptics Ep 26, Geologic Podcast Ep 170 or the album Trebuchet. I was touched and cry almost every time.

Melissa G

What a beautiful boy! So glad you chose to give him a beautiful, dignified end.


Liz, I'm sorry for your loss. I hope your time of grieving will be brief and your happy memories of Denali will last for the rest of your life.


All sympathy.

Lisa R.

That is a beautiful picture. I am sure you gave him the best life a horse could ever want. Happy trails, Denali.


Hugs...It is braver to do the right thing than the easy thing.When we love an animal we owe them respect and that includes knowing when it is time to let them go.


So sad, and so sorry for your loss.

When my sister earned her first horse (she had to go and help her friends at the stable for a few months), our parents bought her a somewhat elderly horse. She rode him for a bit over a year before he had to be put down. Terribly sad for a young teenager.


What a gorgeous, well-loved horse. I'm so glad he was in your life and that you helped him trot out of his gracefully.

Equestrian Horses

So sorry for your loss of Denali.


So tough to lose a special horse

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