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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Brad Fallon

This is for a good cause so might as well buy another copy and give it to someone else if you already have a copy. In such a way we can help a foundation and we will share also the information to someone about the importance and safety of vaccines.


Thanks Brad!

I already own 2 copies so I'm planning to buy a 3rd, to donate to my local community college, which has both a early childhood degree track and a public health certificate track.

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9:08: #535

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10:04: #167

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11:02: #91

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At 11:00 there were only 14 left in stock. At 11:03 there are only 8.

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12:04: #66

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15:19: #36


DO not buy this, it is not a noble cause to cause AUTISM under false pretensions dubious science and pharma coorp. interest!!!


Thank you so much for this Liz! I have been considering buying a copy and now that I have heard of this I will be sure to buy the Kindle version!



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16:03: #27.

Hmmm, foryourowngood. Even when the mercury malicia tried to push Vaccine Epidemic up in one day, they only got it to just below #100. I guess there are more science-based people out there than you think!


The problem goes beyond Mercury and ALUMINUM! in them. The problem among many, is the procedure, the ingredients how they are being made, for example the use of aborted tissue of babies to make DTPA! or other chemicals known carcinogens or measles mumps and rubella that it's NOT! the natural strengths but one engineered! that has NO safety studies or long time side effect for safety! THE FACT vaccines DOES NOT EQUAL Immunized! or the fact that a vaccine statistical speaking has more chance to trigger AUTISM in a child that a child to develop the "disease" that him or her are being vaccinated for! what chance would you take? A simple MUPS that can be gone in a week or AUTISM that destroys your child health for life? Even if you get mumps complications it's rare like 1 in a million! AUTISM from a vaccines is 1 in 60 chance!!! MATH CANNOT BE DISPUTED!!!

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17:20: #27


foryourowngood, the use of all-caps and ranting does not make your statements valid. Your statements would have more weight if you had included some actual scientific evidence to back up your claims.

This is especially true with your "1 in 60" chance, which is based on one study in one area, and only in boys (the ratio of boys to girls diagnosed with any flavor of autism is usually 4 to 1). So, yes, the math can be disputed.



I see what you mean.

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18:03: #29

Michelle Dawson

Autism Science Foundation has, for nearly 2 years, deliberately excluded autistic people from its leadership.

While (apparently) a lot of people see this as reason to support and promote ASF, I do not see how this can help autistics, or anyone else.

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19:28: #29

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In an ideal world (which doesn't exist), there would be equitable representation. People with ASD would be a majority in all the organizations with a vision is to support autism and science.

But it's not an ideal world. I have no idea how many people are full-time employees of the Autism Science Foundation. But I imagine that it's not thousands. Maybe 10's? Statistically speaking, they might have needed 100's of employees to randomly get one person with ASD. Of course, they should be proactive and seek out people who could speak to their core motivation.

When you say people with ASD have been deliberately excluded, do you mean that you know people with ASD who have tried to gain employment with ASF, and have been rejected?

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21:05: #29


This is what happens to your child (1 in 110 per CDC!!! statistics in USA) after vaccines!
UNINFORMED CONSENT, Washington DC. Rep. Dan Burton, Chair of Gov Reform Committee comments on vaccines and mercury showing a video of an autistic child in full melt down.
A collection of the IOM Meeting called "What Really Happened at the IOM?" are available in DVD at:


the link in reference to the prior post:


Real book with real ratings!!
The new book, "Vaccine Epidemic: How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health, and Our Children" has just been released. It's an important book offering a range of experiences and perspective from different authors. Vaccine Epidemic has already received a lot of attention: As of 4 p.m. EST on February 10, 2011, Vaccine Epidemic was #118 on Amazon and poised to break into the top 100. The category rankings are #1 in public health, #1 in epidemiology, and #2 in internal medicine. The book has also landed on Amazon's Movers & Shakers and Hot New Releases lists. In case you were wondering, Offit's book was #4,361 and Mnookin was #4,974.

Learn more:


The book: "Vaccine Epidemic: How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health, and Our Children" appeals to logic, common sense and parent's heartfelt desire to do what is best for their child, in spite of the scare tactics and sound bites. Vaccine Epidemic is real science,tangible and valuable. Offitt's book appeals to the status quo and relies on repeating axioms that insult our intelligence.

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22:11: #29


considering the FB group for the book buy event only had 28 attending, and 350 or so not responding....its pretty likely that it was a major purshase by pharma. If you search Paul Offit on FB, and click the link for comments by everyone, there are a few, but as many as you'd think.!!! Paul Offit's BAD BOOK! FAKE Ratings!

Liz Ditz

Golly, foryouowngood, you have quite a fantasy going here.

It's about time I revealed how I participated in publicizing this even.

1. I heard about the proposed "buy-in" event from a friend on Sunday morning. I thought the email my friend sent me was rather lacking, so:
2. I wrote this blog post.
3. The blog post appeared on my Facebook page and on the FB pages of my friends.
4. Again on Sunday, I sent numerous tweets to folk I know who are evidence-based. Some are physicians and some are otherwise involved in (a) public health (b) other areas of science-based policy.
5. Again on Sunday, I sent emails to many (>20) folk I know with the Amazon purchase link embedded. As above, some are physicians and some are otherwise involved in (a) public health (b) other areas of science-based policy. In other words, some people in my network got both tweets and emails.
6. Starting at 6 am EST on Monday, I started sending tweets asking people to take action.

Based on this website's data for the last 24 hours, I suspect that the emails I sent out had more effect on the book purchase than this little blog post.

Foryouowngood, you are assuming that the one platform you saw, "the FB group for the book buy event" was the only way that today's action was promoted. You are mistaken about that.

It is obvious that your conclusion "that it was a major purshase [sic] by pharma" is equally mistaken.

Broken Link

Tuesday, 07:30: #41

(Vaccine Epidemic is at #1492).

foryourowngood, my dear, Vaccine Epidemic was also given a lot of publicity through social media and on Age of Autism. Ginger Taylor, and many others had the book cover as their FB profile pictures. Ginger herself was breathlessly reporting the hourly figures for Amazon sales on the day of release. That's where the "poised to break into the top 100" comment came from. But it didn't. It peaked at #118. And then began to steadily slide to where it is today - #1492.

Even the book release party in NYC did not create a upward tick. All those people who wanted to buy the book have already done so.

I feel sorry for the publisher. They went into a second printing based on the temporary hype created on FB and on AoA. Now all that second printing will end up on the remainder table.

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Tuesday, 09:03: #44

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Tuesday, 10:01: #46

not stupid

No matter how many books are sold on Feb 21, the ceiling is cracking. Parents now are too educated to just believe what pharma influenced doctors tell them. They see there children regress after too many vaccines too soon. Our government and pharma will never admit they have poisoned a generation of children. When will this ever stop? So sad...

Someone who would know


Number of ASF employees? Many many fewer than you would think.

Broken Link

Tuesday 10:44: #47

Michelle Dawson

In response to Broken Link, I didn't mention employees. I did mention leadership.

A major autism funding body which publicly excludes autistics from its leadership is practicing and promoting bad science and bad ethics.

Also, if ASF is structured such that ASF does not attract a lot of autistic people wanting to be in visible leadership positions (setting priorities, standards, etc), then ASF is in deep trouble, both scientifically and ethically.

Finally, ASF is setting an example to employers, schools, families, communities, governments, etc. Why should employers (etc) see autistics as having something to contribute, when a leading autism organization (claimed to be science-based) very publicly does not?

Maybe someone could explain to me why ASF's decision to publicly exclude autistics from its leadership is such a good thing.

Broken Linke

Tuesday, 13:19: #70

Broken Link


Sorry, I misread your comment. Indeed, there are no declared autistics in the leadership of ASF:

The leadership consists of the two founders, an attorney, Paul Offit, and the scientific advisory board consists of active researchers in autism. Yes, it would indeed be great if there were people with autism in some of these positions.

Can you direct me to some evidence that autistics have been "publicly excluded"? Can it simply be that none have expressed interest? I would think that besides yourself, autistics holding autism research positions must be quite rare. And that's not a good thing either.

Liz Ditz

Dear Michelle & Broken Link:

Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

I felt it deserved its own post.

I've copied your comments to a new blog post Autism Organizations and Autistics in Leadership Roles.

I invite you to continue the conversation over there.

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Tuesday, 17:04: #93

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Tuesday, 21:08: #134

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