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Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Sanford Shapiro

While the discussion might be fear mongering in parts, I can't imagine this doesn't happen. Even more concerning is the misuse of ADHD medications by real students with ADHD, as well as their friends.

Myths about ADHD

Studies show that ADHD is a chronic disorder that has a negative impact on virtually every aspect of daily emotional, academic and work functioning. Children and adults with ADHD have higher rates of other psychiatric disorders, higher frequency of hospitalizations, emergency room visits and total medical costs compared to individuals without ADHD.

Carolin Newmeyer

That discussion does lean towards fear mongering. While there might be some speck of truth to the claim, jumping on that and panicking over it will do no one any good. An adult's role is to keep a watchful, but not paranoid, eye to prevent misuse and abuse.


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