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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Melissa G

Dr. Jay and the Sears clan have a lot in common. While first reading the Sears books, even as a True Believer at the time, the white moneyed privilege struck me. So many of their recommendations fail to take into account urban living conditions and poor economic circumstances. It really is as if most of the world is invisible to them.

Todd W.

Thanks, Liz, for shining a light on this all-too-often forgotten aspect of immunization. Even those of us fighting the good fight can forget about the social implications every now and then.


While I appreciate your conclusion, you are wrong about the reasons for the Somali community in Minneapolis area not vaccinating their children. Frankly, the community is terrified of autism and there is some anecdotal evidence that they have a higher incidence of it among the Somalis. There is a scientific study on same recently starting. In any event, the infamous Dr. Wakefield has gone up there a few times, once specifically to address the Somali community, at their request.

Can someone put that guy in jail already?

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