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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Matt Carey

When Mr. Handley first blogged the "Bonnie Offit" question I commented a few times on blogs that I didn't think he had the integrity to make good on his commitment.

I sincerely hope that I am in the position to offer him an apology for those remarks.

Jenifer Byde Myers

Such suspense! This is becoming the makings of a made-for-tv movie!


What a graceless, churlish response from Mr. Handley!

Q:Was it a "late" response? A: No, Mr. Carey had no obligation to meet another's timetable.

Q:Why did Mr. Handley mention Mr. Carey's employer? A: Totally unneccessary. The mention, however, enables Mr. Handley's followers to complain to Mr. Carey's employers, as they have done at least twice in the past. Instance #1 and Instance #2

Q:Is blogging under one's own name, rather than a pseudonym, evidence of "courage, conviction, and integrity in the things you write?"A:No, of course not.

Example: Mr. Handley has written many cowardly, defamatory attacks on others under his own name. See for example the reporter Amy Wallace or Nancy Minshew, MD

Conversely, many bloggers have good reasons to write under pseudonyms, such as:

  • the desire to protect the privacy of family members,

  • the desire to comment on issues such as education, while protecting one's family from retaliation

  • the desire to separate one's private blogging on subjects unrelated to one's professional capacity from one's professional identity,

and so on.

Q:What does Mr. Handley mean by "the Dark Side"? A: Only Mr. Handley can say for sure, but I am guessing that it refers to those of us who have rejected the failed "autism is vaccine injury" theory; those of us who accept the evidence that autism has many causes, including genetics; and those of us who are in general evidence-based when it comes to approaches to autism.

"The Dark Side" usually refers to forces of evil. I guess that makes me evil. Or not.

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