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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Les Kyles

This is good brief on between Asperger's Syndrome. Rett Syndrome. Childhood Disintegrative Disorder and how they are often blanketed under the spectrum.


After 11 years of being a mother of a child with an autism spectrum disorder (pdd nos as well) I decided to share all the info I gathered in houndreds of hours of reaserch so it can be useful to other parents of children suffering this disorder. My website is Pdd Nos. One of the latest things that I've ben digging into is the "casein and gluten free diet" that claims to help development children's neurological functions. I don't know a lot about it since I just started to put it into practice but I left a post on the subject with the little I know.
Good luck to all the worried mothers :)

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