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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Katy Seib

Liz, I too had an UEDwO on mothers day. Mine from a bike, going fast, face first into asphalt. Purple bruises all over the left part of my body, abrasions on my face, a concussion accompanied by headaches and mild fine motor skill impairment, left me too thinking it is a preview to old age. Especially when for two days in a row I couldn't pick up a bar of soap in the shower - not because of pain but because of the fine motor skills impairment. I'd taken my first long bike ride in years in preparation for riding to work every day. I still want to - and my doctor advised me not to give up on that, as have many others. But husband is not too keen on it. I hope your recovery continues steadily and that we can both get back up on our respective horses. :) Big hugs.


Glad you are making improvements. ((()))


Glad you're on the mend. Don't overdo!

Whitney Hoffman

Wow Liz! I hope you feel better soon! I hate ortho stuff!

Barbara Boucher, OT, PhD, PT

Hoping you are feeling "much better now!" (Ever watch John Aston on Night Court?)

I agree with Whitney that the ortho stuff is nasty but I fear the neuro stuff far more....speaking of old age preview....Snape should have a potion for that! (LOVE your literary references!)

Sincere get well all-the-way wishes.

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