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Wednesday, June 08, 2011


stephanie lustick

i went to cross creek and high impact and this is absurd! Best thing that ever happened to me and feel free to email [email protected]


i used to work there as a case manager and i actually knew this kid. i saw one of our staff throw him to the ground and slam hit head on the pavement. i wish i never worked there and i really hope this boy wins because he went threw hell. i dont see how a person could say that such a place where you sleep in cages and are hit could be benificial. i left casa after i seen carl thrown to the ground.

Stephanie Lustick

Again i am not speaking for all the other schools but i will speak on behalf of Cross creek/ron garrett and high impact..High impact was not comfortable and not fun, definitly not a walk in the park, but i was never abused there.I want these parents to go back to what there children were doing on a daily basis, shooting up heroin running away prostituting and your concious some how wont let u forgive yourself for "not being able to control your teen"dont turn arounnd and blame it ont he facilities u payed to handle it!And i will be the first to testify that cross creek was the best thing that ever happened to me! I DIDNT WANT TO GO HOME! thats how awful my life was and the therapist and staff worked with me and made it possible for me to stay aslong as i that i had all the tools when i got home to survive! Ron Garrett and Karr have done nothing but love us like there own, inviting the upper levels to there homes..etc..and to all of u still lying and manipulating u should be ashamed of yourselves, this school could be helping more kids instead its dealing with your pety non existant drama, hows that a reflection of your life!

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