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Monday, July 11, 2011


Todd W.

Nice analysis, Liz. Hopefully, some of your readers will venture over to the Sun and leave some fact-based comments. The anti-vaccine activists seem to have the majority at the moment.


Well done! I came across your blog via SBM. I posted on the CBS web site when it ran an article about Autism and vaccines. I and a few others were overrun by the anti-vax crowd.

While the children of California and elsewhere continue to contract Pertussis and other preventable diseases, we have the good Docs at SBM, Bill Gates, and Paul Offit to continue to fight the good fight.

Thanks for blogging about such an important issue.


I stopped taking vaccines because EVERY time I was vaccinated I became very ill. At one point, after a vaccination, I was so ill my whole body was in pain, my eyes were so blood shot as to not have any white visible, and I could not walk without help. I recovered, but that and other experiences convinced me to REFUSE vaccinations.

The science behind vaccinations is accepted, but flawed. When children are injured (or adults) by those vaccinations the automatic assumption is that the vaccination had nothing to do with the injury. If the only change in a person's condition was the inoculation of a foreign substances into their blood stream, by passing natural defenses, then the vaccination IS TO BLAME.


Ramon, why should we believe your anecdote? Especially since you get one very important fact wrong in your second paragraph.

Show us you know something and tell us exactly what actual scientific evidence you have that the MMR vaccine is more dangerous than measles, mumps or rubella. Make sure you evidence includes real scientific journal papers and not random websites, news articles, are not written by doctors who have had their medical licenses suspended and especially not

ייעוץ זוגי

Safety of the vaccines true lawyer to defend the changes in the production of vaccine and possible to make vaccines without the growth of the eggs.

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