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Friday, July 08, 2011



This appears to be all very well thought out spiritually, but I am aghast.
Maybe in their next incarnation, these anti-vaxers become scientists or public health workers so as to rectify their character flaw which allowed their children to become unnecessarily ill from a preventable, possibly fatal disease.

It's important to remember that waldorf school parents who are not anthroposophists usually know little about these spiritual reasons. They feel welcome as anti-vaxxers in waldorf schools, though, because refraining from vaccination (for whatever reason) is ok in this setting. Waldorf proponents will say that the schools don't advise either for or against vaccination -- but the fact is, they don't seem unhappy about the anti-vax sentiments which find fertile grounds among parents in these schools.

Jennyalice -- they just might, actually, since they're also in a karmic learning process which spans over numerous lifetimes ;-)

alicia h.

Oh, I forget I shouldn't sign in to one of the services, because when I do, I end up with silly signatures like the one in the comment above this. To clarify, I'm the person Liz refers to. (Sorry to be so messy...)

Tom Mellett

Hi Liz,

You will be interested in this article in the Seattle Weekly, posted January 2011

Seattle's Waldorf School Is King County's Least Vaccinated

I started off the comments by issuing a challenge to the Seattle Waldorf community from the Los Angeles Waldorf Community to see which city had the least vaccinated students

Excuse me, Seattle, but I'll be damned if I'm going to let your city take the honors for least vaccinated Waldorf school in the USA. All you got is just one dinky little Waldorf school up there. But we down here in Los Angeles have FOUR --- count’em 4!! ---Waldorf schools in LA County and they rank 1,2,3,4 among ALL SCHOOLS!!! in LA for Highest Vaccination Exemption Rate --- at least in Kindergarten, and that's where it counts with the youngest children.

I copy below the statistics from the LA Times. Read it and weep, Seattle!


Los Angeles 4
Seattle 1

There are 32 comments in all to date and a Waldorf graduate responded in #31 with his take on vaccination.

Hollywood Tomfortas


I remember talking with one of these Steiner people who remarked how one belief was that pregnant women shouldn't spin wool as it could lead to the cord wrapping round the baby's neck in the womb.
I asked snarkily, given the fact that home spinning of wool had died out, if riding bicycles while pregnant would have the same effect. She took me seriously and looked really concerned, saying it was something she would have to ask about.

"This is why childhood diseases usually appear during childhood, this is the time when they are needed."

And when a child dies of a childhood disease, what does that mean? That the child needed to die?

I suspect, that to retain the unfalsifiability of this philosophy, the answers to these questions will end up in the fantasy land of life after death (karma, reincarnation, etc.).

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