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Monday, August 22, 2011


I've been very impressed with the outcry that has erupted over this. Lots of people are upset, and I think part of the problem is not knowing who to direct our anger towards.

I think blogging under a pseudonym is fine. It's when people take that as carte blanche to attack others it turns ugly.

Aside: I'm not the Mr Epi in question. I'm another, unrelated, Mr Epi(demiology).

Matt Carey

"This doesn't apply to Mr. Epi, as he is a state employee."

I wonder: if Mr. Epi were to be sued, would his employer aid in his defense? They can't have it both ways. Either they can restrict his speech and they must, therefore, take some responsibility, or they should allow him the ability to express his opinion openly.

Skeptical Lawyer

Matt Carey:

Good thought, but, as you might expect, the law is not quite that simple. Legally, a public employer can restrict the speech of an employee if either the speech is made as part of the employee's official duties or the speech substantially affects the employer's operations.

The employer would have to provide a defense only if EpiRen were speaking in his official capacity. But it's still legal for them to restrict his speech, to some extent, even if he's not speaking in his official capacity. Therefore, there are instances where they can restrict his speech but don't have to defend him.

Rhett S. Daniels, PhD

not the real Rhett Daniels One more and I will block the IP address

Matt Carey



I had just started enjoying the Epidemiology Night School and now the whole of Epi's web site has disappeared.

Luckily, it looks as though the ENS is being re-published over at

Lil Peck

I am happy to see that Epi is posting on Twitter again. I missed everything that happened between when he was silenced and now. Will you kindly summarize?

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