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Wednesday, September 07, 2011



Back in the city where most of my Maternal family came from in Mexico, there was a teacher who allegedly physically and psychologically abusing some of her students. It turned out that she was - again, allegedly - abusing the "slow" kids (per the town newspaper). When the mother of one of those kids complained, no one listened. When two mothers found each other out and joined, they were dismissed as "troublemakers". Now that more parents found out of the alleged abuse, they mobilized and protested in front of the school. An investigation by both the (equivalent of the) school district and the police is underway. The teacher has since resigned.

So, yes, parents need to be in touch with other parents to help take care of all their children. As for me, not having any children, I'm making time to sit at every school board meeting this year... And bug them about their reasoning for taking away the science fair.

Cindy Marie Jenkins

In or out of school, this is so true. People so often just have to realize they aren't alone.

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