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Friday, November 25, 2011



Hmmm, the Moss Report rung a bell. It seems it also figured in the failed "treatment" options followed by Peter and Penelope Dingle.

"Dr Dingle placed considerable reliance on what was described as the “Moss Report” at the inquest. It appears that the author, Ralph Moss PhD, has available on the internet access to a number of sites dealing with various medical conditions,..." [West Australian Coroner Report]

Liz Ditz

Here's an interesting paper on the Burzynski Clinic's clinical trials.

Managing Social Conflict in Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research: The Case of Antineoplastons

From December 1991 to December 1995, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) initiated phase II clinical trials of A10 and AS2-1 (antineoplastons) infusions in patients with diagnosed primary malignant brain tumors. Four years and more than a million dollars later, these studies were stopped before it was possible to determine the effectiveness of antineoplastons. Both NCI and Dr Burzynski, the developer of antineoplastons, accused one another of attempting to undermine the project. In an effort to determine why this study failed to be completed, the director of the National Institutes of Health Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM), who sponsored the study, commissioned a detailed analysis of the conflicts that led to the study’s closure. The intent was to understand the social dynamics surrounding this failed study and to develop a method for managing and possibly preventing such failures in the future.


New parody on youtube:

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