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Monday, December 12, 2011



Good for you for standing up against this ignorant woman. Unfortuate that she didnt have the backbone to leave up your comment. At least you know you hit a nerve. Small consolation i know but maybe some people were able to read what you wrote before the coward deleted you.

Also just one nasty little aside....being an attorney and having dealt with myriads of them for my entire adult life, let me tell you....the overwhelming number of them are none too bright.


That person is a sick troll who enjoys upsetting people, and then writes on her FaceBook page about how fun it is to make a parent of a child with autism cry.
There's a special place in hell ...


Wonderfully done and said, Liz. (You awful bully, you!)

Guess we can add "autism freeloader" to "welfare queen" in the lexicon of pejorative terms coined by idiots.


Her hate speech comments appear to have been removed from the comments section.


I'd love to talk with her. I'm the parent of three autistic kids and I would not be the one crying at the end. She'd be educated on what our lives are like and eventually she'd thank me for using SSI to provide what the local schools will not for my kids - an education. My kids will be productive members of society one day. Unlike her. But it sounds like she's a bully - post something like that and then run and hide.


SSI is based on income and not the amount of disability as I found as we tried to apply for our daughter to help pay for her therapy this past summer after we had exhausted our insurance half way through the year.

In order for us to get it for our family I would have had to have 8 more kids on my husbands current income. NO JOKE. OR have my husbands income cut more than half and STILL have to have another kid. NO JOKE.

And SSI does not give a rats ass about your situation. The clerk at the office told me just by looking at the paperwork we would not qualify because of the above stated reasons.

It's not based on physical need but only financial impoverishment. So if you have good paying jobs but max out of your insurance and don't qualify for any other public aid you are pretty much shit out of luck. Sorry touchy subject and the comments coming from a judge mental simple minded person does not help either. ugh.

Bliss Peterson

Thank you so much for your reasoned response to a true wingnut. Unfortunately, it's not the first, nor likely the last I've had to hear this kind of garbage. As an attorney myself who is now the stay at home mom to two AMAZING young boys who have autism, Sue's statements are so ignorant that they'd make me laugh, if they didn't have the potential to do so much harm.

We do not currently receive SSI, only because we haven't applied. At some point we may, and I will feel NO shame about that decision. Next, the amount that autism has COST our family far far far far far exceeds any governmental benefits I could possibly hope to reap. I seek no sympathy but feel extremely grateful to have the resources we do (even if the credit cards are a bit weighty these days.) I worry all the time about children on the spectrum who are not so fortunate.

Finally, as I have had to say more times than I would have ever imagined (I'm truly stunned by the number of people who doubt the existence of autism), come spend a day a my house. We'll make a believer out of you.

Liz Moran

What a joke, this woman has clearly never held a child with disabilities as he shakes because the stimuli around him terrifies him. She has never looked her non affected children in the eyes and told them she has no idea why this has happened to their brother.

She has never had to decide on paying her mortgage or giving her autistic child the therapies that they need to become functional.

SSI is hardly a gravy train, in fact, we have an autistic child, both my husband and myself work, and we are told year after year upon applying for my child that we will not qualify for SSI because we earn above the standards that SS enforce.

This woman needs to spend 48 hours with a family that has an autistic child before she shoots her mouth off with nothing to back it. It is hard to believe that such ignorance still exists.

Stephen Edwardson

Thank you for sharing this. Though it is disheartening to hear yet another example of people's ignorance on the subject of autism, I still feel hopeful that my twin autistic boys will grow up in a world that is full of love and support (at the very least from the tight-knit autism community) I couldn't help but share my reaction to this by sending her a little message on facebook. I hope she comes to realize that it is only most vulnerable that suffer from the negativity she is spewing

Dan Lyons

I wrote a private message to her on FB. I find it ironic that a layer would make this case, and then ask someone else to do research on it. Not gonna win a lot of cases without evidence. When it comes to school services, she does not understand that (at least in my case) just getting the services from the public school is like pulling teeth, even if they are required to do so by law. I have 2 brilliant autistic children and collect no government money. I will continue to struggle to provide all I can for my children, and no tinsel town lawyer should discourage anyone else from doing the same.

Angela F

I don't even have words for that kind of ignorance.


Michel laid it out well in terms of the way SSI works. My son is permanently and multiply disabled. We are not eligible for SSI because of income, despite the fact that income barely covers usual household expenses, let alone my son's diapers and other supplies NOT covered by insurance.

Also, when he was an infant in the NICU (for 7 months), we were able to collect SSI because he was in a medical facility. We had to provide detailed monthly records of how that money was spent specifically on HIS needs. So, the notion that families can "live large" off the SSI gravy train is so ridiculously laughable.

Oh, and through a fluke, the state we were living in at the time failed to terminate our son's SSI when he was discharged from the hospital and we did not realize there was a change due to "institutional status" (being more than a smidge overwhelmed by the whole parenting of a medically fragile and permanently disable micropreemie.) We ended up having to repay a very hefty sum once the error was discovered.


Entertainment Attorney... isn't that a kind of retardation?

Your Child Their Future

It's worth noting that the income taken into consideration for SSI eligibility can be offset by things such as monthly medical and therapeutic expenses. Many people are turned away when they apply because they are unaware of how offsets against income and resources work. This is why there are attorney's who specialize in obtaining SSI for children - they know these intricacies and can help you present the entire financial picture that is legally required to be considered - rather than just what you are told when you apply online or in person by yourself. I wish everyone the best in their efforts to obtain what is needed for their children!


I was disgusted when I read this article yesterday. I couldn't believe anyone would have the audacity to think those of us raising children with autism are milking the system for money and resources.

WHAT money?

Please, for the love of God, someone show me the line for the money because I sure haven't found it. What I have found is fellow parents and autistic individuals who support each other (both with words of advice and support on Twitter and Facebook) and through setting up childcare co-ops and in many cases sharing therapy toys, DVDs, books, and more.

Thank you Liz for your well thought out rebuttal.

Sunday Thompson

I went to her facebook page and this is the latest post: "Sorry folks for any inconvenience, I am being stalked by a mentally unstable woman via the internet. If you have ever been stalked or bullied by a dangerous person, you know what I am talking about. Till I can get a restraining order, please try to ignore any weird posts from psychos. We'll try to remove them as fast as possible."
So just keep ignoring any weird posts from psychos! I'm assuming she means psychos other than herself!


It is because of people like this that I sometimes don't like to say that I am an attorney! Unfortunately some attorneys are just full of themselves and hot air and just spout off because they think they know everything.

These type of comments just infuriate me and just spreads more inaccuracies into society. She clearly has no clue about autism and dear lord I wouldn't want her to. She clearly couldn't handle it. I would not wish her ignorant, hateful presence on any autistic or any one else for that matter. She should seriously be sterilized.

I could say worse but I am not sure four letter words would help anything.


I'm sorry they posted her article. I understand someone might have that view, but why spread misinformed opinions around? Reminds me of the "bad parenting" excuse...

Bonnie Sayers (autismfamily)

Wow this is so disturbing and to think this lawyer is here in Los Angeles. Both my kids are on SSI and I am a home health care worker. The whole system sucks for what we have to go through to keep a stable home for an autistic teen here in California.

I hate reading anything online in the media relating to autism or even after a news segment on like GMA since the general public is so cruel and ignorant to the lives of families with autism.


Two points for the learned Ms. Basko, esq. to consider:

1) California has a SLAPP regulation

1b) making the claim that the person she is dealing with is "mentally unstable" and "psycho" is, in itself, defamatory in the way she is using it.

2) She may want to research the "Streisand Effect". Perhaps with a search for what happened when an attorney tried to shut down Kathleen Seidel.

The comment you left was polite and reasoned. If she is referring to you, Ms. Basko might want to run the exchanges past another attorney to see how ridiculous she will appear making this case before a judge.


Why dont you do what us parents of Special needs families have to do.. like, FACT CHECKING? RESEARCH? It's amazing the REALITY that just may slap you in the face. Sounds like reality needs to give you a GIANT dose. Careful having kids. Karma sucks.

I educate my community on autism. For FREE! Amazing huh. You're free to sit in on a class. Let me know when you're available.


Oh this makes my blood boil. My daughter does not even qualify for SSI and if she did, the monthly amount would not even cover her medical bills and soon to be independent living expenses. Thank you for calling attention to such ignorance and for your thoughtful response.


Thanks so much for writing this. I think you are an advocate, not a bully.


Anyone who questions anything about autism is ignorant? Did you ever think people might have an undiagnosed disorder that prevents them from believing the lies spread about autism. This parent was so upset she came to tears. Give me a break. If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen or you must have autism. Autism rates aren't going up, just being better diagnised and more people put on the spectrum. Amazing kids my patootie. But criticize me because it makes you feel better. I wonder how many we hate the government Republicans are on here but don't mind taking government money. You people disgust me. Aholes the lot of ya. Have compassion for other people besides your kids. oh yeah, can't criticize me because I have anger issues


You feel so self-important because you are an advocate? You do it simply because it makes you feel moreally superior you smug c u next tuesday. You do bully people but you have sympathy on your side. Go pat yourself on the back. You really think you are heloing anyone?


If you live in Texas and have two children with severe autism, you can get on a 13 year waiting list for services. Aaaah, life on the gravy train is sweet!


Joe, who are you addressing? And exactly what does it do with the difficulty of getting SSI benefits?


Wow ... check out her tweets ...


She claiming that she never posted the SSI comments about the LA Times Story?


edited to remove a potentially inflammatory questionLooks like she did a "Daniels" and is starting to cleanse her online persona. Her FB wall is now private, which means that no one can read her comments on the LA Times. Good thing more than a few of us kept screen shots.
I counted over 50 twitter posts accusing Liz of stalking and threatening her family.

Emily Willingham

Joe is trolling here, or trying to--it's hard to make out what he's actually trying to write. Basko's trolling on her own Twitter feed and harassing Liz and people who follow her. Talk about not being able to take the heat. And she is doing a Daniels, except that she's also now systematically working to defame Liz by name. Seems like a lawyer oughta know the implications of that.


A lot of people in the entertainment industry have children with autism (as a lot of people nationwide do), perhaps she is embarrassed and regretting her ignorant comments and trying to pretend she never wrote them?
All very sad and pathetic.


I had no idea what this was about. I do not follow the woman on Twitter, but suddenly I am getting a tweet that you are a stalker and dangerous. Ummm...Okay, I'll bite. Did some digging and it seems like she's the crazy one. This does not seems like cyberstalking or bullying, but more holding her accountable for her comments. So I was still confused why she tweeted me and then saw I followed you on Twitter. A-ha moment. She is trying to defame you bu going through your follower list. What a whack job. I will report her on Twitter. You should contact all your followers that she tweeted in such a spammy way to do the same. Good luck!

Michael Simpson

I followed the story on the LA Times, on Liz's Twitter feed and here, because I'm involved in some medical areas around autism, and I've always been interested in Liz's take on the field.

I spend time every month, on a volunteer basis, assisting the mentally ill (or parents, family or caregivers) with obtaining disability benefits. Usually, I assist those with diseases such a severe bipolar disorder or psychosis, but occasionally parents with autistic children (sometimes, as caretakers of autistic adults).

Let me make this clear. Receiving SSI (or SSDI, which are disability benefits that one earns by contributing to the Social Security system, and usually pay a lot more) is not easy. You do not just walk down to your local Social Security office, and say, "I'm here, please write a check."

The first step is a very long application. That can be done online (this is where I assist, because I know the medical jargon, and assist the applicant in running down names of doctors, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and diagnoses). It takes 90 minutes, and it is complex. To be honest, I'm pretty smart, and it takes a long while.

The second step is that the Social Security Administration then sends out requests for information from all of your health care providers (because you have provided a release in the application). They gather that information, and this may take a while, since physicians don't consider this a high priority. This step usually happens 60 days after the initial application.

The third step is that the Social Security medical team reviews the application. One of three things may happen.

1. They may accept it, and begin paying you. This may happen, but I've been doing this for a couple of years, and I've yet to even hear a rumor of a friend of a cousin of a next-door-neighbor who's had that happen. But they could. My personal, non-evidentiary opinion is that they reject it to make people work at this application.

2. They may ask you to visit one of their medical examiners who will review your case and your physical and mental status.

3. They may reject your application. You can appeal, and are encouraged to appeal.

This may take up to six months. To get SSI, you have to prove that you or a child is disabled. And the burden of proof is on you. So if you have three licensed pediatricians along with three pediatric psychologists who all agree that your child is autistic, the Social Security administration is going to have a hard time rejecting that. This is an evidence-based system, not one based on opinion from either the bureaucrats or the applicants. Sure there are mistakes made on both sides, and it is frustrating when it happens.

One more thing. It is not permanent. Social Security regularly reviews the income of the family (well, that's automatic), the medical diagnosis, and other circumstances, all of which may cause the SSI payment to be revoked. And cheating is a Federal Crime, so if, assuming bad faith somewhere, an applicant uses Dr. Smith who always signs off on these things, eventually they get caught.

SSI is not a way to get rich. It is there to help the truly needy in our system. It does provide Medicare or Medical (Medicaid in other states). It does help with education. It is a good thing. I'm sure a tiny percentage of applicants are trying to game the system. Of course, the system is set up to block that (making it more difficult for legitimate claims), and it is hard, very hard, to get around it. I'm pretty much an expert on SSI, and I can't see one way to get through it.

Michael Simpson

I want to clear up one thing about my post. SSI and SSDI is need-based, with certain income ceilings. My point was strictly on how difficult it is to game the system medically, even if you met the income levels, which is what Ms. Basko seem to imply (though it's difficult to completely get her rant).

I saw one post above stating that SSI won't cover the medical needs of an autistic child. It shouldn't. Medicare or Medicaid (or in California, Medical) should cover the medical needs. SSI should be used for education, clothing, food, etc. Yeah, I know, still not enough. I wish all of us were rich with outstanding private insurance so that we wouldn't have this discussion.

melissa moore

I can't believe she had the audacity to try and accuse someone else of bullying! As the mother of an Aspie who has to struggle from week to week, I can assure her I am not exactly living large, and that the qualification for recieving payments is just as difficult here in Australia. Just to get my son an aid at high school next year, I have to have several letters from a paediatrician, and those visits alone are $200 a pop. Even after I provided those letters, we were still denied an aid, so now I will have to pay for a special tutor. The fact that she actually used the word 'retardation' not only makes my blood boil, it proves just how ignorant she really is. Watching her back pedal over this will be quite entertaining.

Liz Ditz

There's an excellent open letter to the entertainment lawyer, An Open Letter to Sue that references this post. It ends:

I plead with you to not only retract your statement (and subsequent laughing at us on your facebook profile) but to also issue an apology. Not to me, not to the other parents you hurt, but to our children. Don’t you think my son has enough to deal with in his life? He doesn’t need to grow up knowing people like you think he’s any less of a person because of a disorder he has that makes him think and act differently than you.
I also encourage you to spend time with a family that is living with autism, even if it’s for a few hours. Try going to the grocery store with them, or to a speech or behavior therapy session. Try sharing a meal with them or even just sit and chat for a few minutes. I guarantee you will have a different view on families dealing with autism if you cared enough to know what they deal with everyday.

Go over and read the whole thing & leave a comment


Good thing more than a few of us kept screen shots.

Don't these people realize everybody does that habitually nowadays? It's like they think they can make their own rudeness go away if they wish hard enough.


It's getting so ugly on the comments section again ... trolls saying "money is wasted on "defective kids" ...

I feel ill ...

Thanks Alan Zarembo ( from the Rush Limbaugh school of journalism),and to the LA Times, for subjecting us to all the hate speech and vitriol.

I was told 8 years ago that my "defective kid" would never have a conversation with me and never live independently. Now he is scoring advanced on his STAR tests, solving a Rubik's cube in 86 seconds, and talking about everything. I didn't give up on him ... nobody should give up on their kids.

David N. Brown

I have heard a story about someone who apparently did quit his job anticipating that he could live off income for a disability. The way I heard it, he ended up depending on help from a girlfriend and the guy who told me the story. So, I'll grant that trying to milk the system with a disability claim happens, but whether the people who try get any worthwhile return is another matter.

On that note, I just thought of the classic "South Park" episode where Cartman lies to get into the Special Olympics, anticipating easy victory... without bothering to train for it.

David N. Brown
Mesa, Arizona


I really have to stay off the web. Seriously.

Nancy Barth

O.M.G. I have no other words that are printable for that lawyer.

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the comments on her Facebook page. For the record, I have never telephoned this woman or left voice messages for this woman, anyone in her office, or any family

Concerned Reader

Liz, there's some serious wtf ranting by her on Harpocrates Speaks. Something about you destroying her "rescue team".


People that make such irresponsible comments are frightening. They are causing such harm, they have no idea.

FYI, this person has also fabricated more stories about you harrassing her link removed by Liz


A simple IP address trace would show that SB wrote the odious comment about the LA Times article, (which she is claiming that you wrote?) and an IP trace would also show that she wrote the FB posts that she is now claiming not to have written. I'd file a police report, just to document what is happening, it is all too creepy.

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ţђįş įş my çommęŋţ mŗş. şųę bāşkol!!
į'm āŋ āşpįe, ( įm āŋ ādųlţ wįţђ āşşęŗţęd dįāgŋoşęd wђęŋ į wāş 5 yęāŗş old! ţђęşę āŗę my çommęŋţş ţo mŗş. bāşko
lįşţęŋ!! ŋo! į doŋ'ţ ţђįŋķ yoų ķŋow ђow ţo!, do yoų? yoų ķŋow wђāţ lāţђāŗgįç. męāŋş? į'm goįŋg ţo ųşę ţђįş woŗd įŋ yoųŗ çāşę! womāŋ ţђāţ şţāŗţęd. ţђįş įgŋoŗāŋţ. blog, wįţђ yoųŗ įgŋoŗāŋţ ţђoųgђţş!! yoųŗ āţţįţųdę, şђowş pŗooƒ oƒ yoųŗ bųllying ųş āşpįęş āŋd oţђęŗş wįţђ āųţįşm!! wђįçђ į ķŋow āboųţ bųllyįŋg!! bųllįęş ђāvę ţђę ŗęţāŗdāţįoŋ gęŋę įŋ ţђęįŗ çђęmįçāl māķę ųp!! yoųŗ bŗāįŋ įşŋ'ţ ђāŗd wįŗęd ţo şęę ānyway oţђęŗ ţђāŋ blāçķ āŋd wђįţę!! wђįçђ įş şo şād!! bęçāųşę, įƒ yoų āppŗęçįāţęd. çoloŗ, pāţįęŋçę, loŋg şųƒƒęŗįŋg, āŋd lovę āŋd ķįŋdŋęşş!! wę woųldŋ'ţ. ђāvę ţo ƒęęl. şoŗŗy, ƒoŗ yoų!! įŋ çāşę yoų dįdŋ'ţ. ķŋow, ŋųęŗoţypįçāl. pęŗşoŋş lįķę "yoų" wђo āŗę ęҳţŗęmęly āƒŗāįd oƒ wђāţ ţђęy ķŋow ŋoţђįŋg āboųţ, go āŗoųŋd māķįŋg āşşųmpţįoŋs ţђāţ ęvęŗyoŋę ęlşę įş ęįţђęŗ lįķę yoųŗ pęŗşoŋ! oŗ ţђęįŗ ŋo good! oŗ āş yoų pųţ įţ "āųţįşm. įş ā ƒoŗm oƒ oŗ įş ŗęţāŗdāţįoŋ." į'm goįŋg ţo şāy ţo yoų! ţђāţ my şpęçţŗųm oƒ āųţįşm, āşpęŗgęŗş şyŋdŗomę( ђ.ƒ.ā) oŋly lįmįţs my ābįlįţy įŋ şoçįāl şįţųāţįoŋş, ā lāçķ oƒ ā good ŗoųţįŋę, çђāŋgę įŋ āŋyţђįŋg, āŋd my ųŋdęŗşţāŋdįŋg oƒ çāŗęlęşş, āŋd ęvāşįvę ţālķ, oŗ çommęŋţş ţђāţ āŗę dįŗęçţęd ţowāŗdş mę, my ƒāmįly āŋd ā ęҳçlųşįvę ţęŗm ţђāţ į ųşę! " my ķįŋd." wђįçђ męāŋs ţђāţ āŗę ālşo dįŗęçţęd āţ āşpįęş oŗ oţђęŗ ƒoŗmş oƒ āųţįşm įŋ ţђę şpęçţŗųm. įām bęįŋg įŋţęllęçţųāl. wįţђ yoų ķŋow!! bęçāųşę, į'm ŋoţ įŋ ƒŗoŋţ oƒ yoų oŗ oţђęŗş!! ƒoŗ įƒ į węŗę, my çāpāçįţy ţo vęŗbālįzę ţo yoų wђāţ įām. şāyįŋg ţo yoų ķŋow woųld ŋoţ ђāppęŋ!! bęçāųşę, yoųŗ ţypę oƒ ŋųęŗoţypįçāl. pęŗşoŋ įşŋ'ţ ędųçāţęd ęŋoųgђ ţo ųŋdęŗşţāŋd wђāţ wę, "āşpįęş " oŗ ţo yoųŗ įgŋoŗāŋçę, ŗęţāŗdş go ţђŗoųgђ ęvęŗydāy, įŋ ţђįş woŗld, ţђāţ yoų ţђįŋķ wįţђ ā ţђįŗd oƒ yoųŗ bŗāįŋ bęloŋgş ţo yoų!! į doŋ'ţ ŋęęd ţo şpęāķ wįţђ my voįçę" ţo pųţ yoųŗ vįlę įgŋoŗāŋçę ţo şђāmę!! bęçāųşę şђāmę įş şomęţђįŋg çāųşęd by ā lāck oƒ good ţђoųgђţ, oţђęŗş ƒęęlįŋgş, şţųpįdįţy, çāŗęlęşşŋęşş āŋd çoŋşçįęŋçę!! wђįçђ, ŋoţ by ā jųdgmęŋţ į wįşђ ţo įmpoşę ţowāŗd yoų oŗ āŋyoŋę ƒoŗ ţђāţ māţţęŗ, bęçāųşę, yoų'vę ālŗęādy by męāŋş oƒ yoųŗ āçţįoŋş āŋd įŋęҳpęŗįęŋçę bŗoųgђţ şђāmę āŋd jųdgmęŋţ jųdgmęŋţ oŋ yoųŗşęlƒ!! şo, şįŋçę, ţђę ţęŗm ŗęţāŗd, oŗ ŗęţāŗdāţįoŋ, įş şomęţђįŋg. yoų çђooşę ŋoţ ţo ųŋdęŗşţāŋd! oŋ āççoųŋţ oƒ āgāįŋ įgŋoŗāŋçę āŋd dęŋįāl, yoų woųld ţђęŗę ƒoŗ įmpoşę yoųŗ lįmįţāţįoŋş oƒ ŗęţāŗdędŋęşş ųpoŋ oţђęŗş wђo yoų ţђįŋķ āŗę woŗţђlęşş, oŗ ŋoţ lįķę yoų! męāŋįŋg "ђųmāŋ bęįŋgş lįķę mę" lįķę į şāy, "my ķįŋd!" lįķę ţђę dęāƒ!! wę āţ lęāşţ āççępţ oųŗ lįmįţāţįoŋş wђįçђ wę ђāvę ţo!! bęçāųşę, ђoŋęşţly ђow çoųld wę ęvęŗ ђāŋg wįţђ yoų āş māŋy ŋųęŗoţypįçāl şāyįŋgş āŗę şāįd?" yoų şęę! wę āçţųālly, ђāvę to woŗķ ђāŗdęŗ ţђāŋ oţђęŗş ţo ƒįŋd wђęŗę wę bęloŋg įŋ ţђįş ŋųęŗoţypįçāl woŗld! we use more our sense most people! bęçāųşę, ŋųęŗoţypįçāl pęŗşoŋ lįķę yoųŗşęlƒ!! wįţђ yoųŗ owŋ āçţįoŋş āŗę ţo lāzy ţo ђęlp āŋyoŋę dįƒƒęŗęŋţ ƒŗom yoų!! āŋd ƒoŗ ŋųęŗoţypįçāl. pāŗęŋţş oƒ çђįldŗęŋ wįţђ āųţįşm woųld pŗobly şāy, āŋd į męāŋ pŗobly, bęçāųşę, į āçţųālly, ţŗy ŋoţ ţo bę şęlƒįşђ! wђįçђ ђoŋęşţly įām!! į ŋęęd my woŗld ţo go āş į çāŋ şųççęşşƒųlly, lįvę dāy ţo dāy įŋ įţ!! bęçāųşę, į çāŋŋoţ į ŗępęāţ çāŋŋoţ ƒųŋçţįoŋ oŗ bę ā pŗodųçţįvę ђųmāŋ bęįŋg! ŋoţ įŋ ţђįş çųŗŗęŋţ şoçįęţy!! į'm ŋoţ āƒŗāįd ţo ŋęęd, āŋd āşķ ƒoŗ ђęlp!! jęşųş şāįd: " įţ įş bęţţęŗ ţo gįvę ţђęŋ įţ įş ţo ŗęçęįvę." ţђāţ įş "my goāl!" çoŋşįdęŗ yoųŗşęlƒ şçђoolęd! āş į wāş şāyįŋg ęāŗlįęŗ, āboųţ, ŋųęŗoţypįçāl pāŗęŋţş wįţђ çђįldŗęŋ wђo ђāvę āŋy ƒoŗm oƒ āųţįşm įŋ ţђę şpęçţŗųm, ŋoţ jųşţ( āş). ţђęy māy oŗ māy ŋoţ şāy ţђāţ wђāţ įām ţęllįŋg you kŋow! " ţђāţ, ţђęy çoųldŋ'ţ şāy įţ āŋy bęţţęŗ, ţђāŋ wђāţ, į ђāvę şāįd ţo yoų!! şo, yoųŗ woŗŗįęd āboųţ şşį?" węll yoų āŋd oţђęŗş wђo wāŋţ ţo ƒollow yoų" şђow şįgŋş oƒ męŋţāl ŗęţāŗdāţįoŋ!" şo, įƒ yoų want şomę ђęlp, į'm vęŗy şųŗę yoų çoųld gęţ yoų" şomę good ol ƒāşђįoŋ ђęlp!" į męāŋ į çāŋ'ţ dįāgŋoşę yoų! bųţ įƒ yoų węŋţ ţo ā doçţoŗ oŗ şpęçįālįşţ āŋd şpųęd yoųŗ dįşdāįŋ oŋ ţђę māţţęŗ of aųţįşm āŋd ţђoşę oţђęŗ pŗoƒęşşįoŋāl şpęçįālįşţs āŋd doçţoŗş wђo ђāvę moŗę ķŋowlędgę oŋ ţђįş şųbjęçţ māţţęŗ, ęvęŋ bęƒoŗę yoų węŗę boŗŋ!" į'm ābşolųţęly şųŗę!" ţђęy woųld şāy: " ŗęţāŗdāţįoŋ çomęş įŋ ţwo ƒoŗmş, dęƒįŋįţįvę įŋ 1) ţђāţ āŋ āŗm oŗ lęg, oŗ moţoŗ şķįllş āŗę ŋoţ āţ ŋoŗmāl çāpāçįţy!" ķįŋdly pųţ." ţђę oţђęŗ dęƒįŋįţįvęly 2) įş ā pęŗşoŋş bŗāįŋ wђįçђ çāŋ ālşo bę įŋ ţђę 1" çāţęgoŗy! bųţ in yoųŗ çāşę, āŋd oţђęŗş lįķę yoų" ţђęy woųld şāy, " yoųŗ jųşţ plāįŋ ƒlāţ oųţ ŗįgђţ ŗęţāŗdęd! įgŋoŗāŋţ! āmoŋg oţђęŗş woŗdş, męāŋ!! āŋd yoų ŋęęd şęŗįoųş ђęlp!! şęŗįoųş ђęlp!! ђęy, įƒ ŗęţāŗdęd pęoplę lįķę yoųŗşęlf ŋęęd bęŋęƒįţş, go gęţ şomę!! gųęşş wђāţ āŋyoŋę wђo įş ęlįgįblę āŋd į męāŋ ęlįgįblę! çāŋ āpply!! įƒ yoų āpply, ђęy ţђęy māy jųşţ ƒęęl şoŗŗy ęŋoųgђ ƒoŗ yoų!" į ķŋow, į do!" şo! wђāţ şāy yoų, bųlly? ţђįş ŗęţāŗdęd bųlly ţђįŋg, įş old!! bųţ şomęoŋę lįķę yoų" ālwāyş şęęmş ţo ƒįŋd wāyş ţo māķę įţ moŗę ђįp, ţђę ŋow!! yoų doŋ'ţ gęţ įţ do yoų? bųllįęş āŗę ţђę ŗęāl ŗęţāŗdş!!

āll ţђę bęşţ ţo yoų, įŋ yoųŗ ƒųţųŗę ęŋdęāvoŗş!!

şįŋçęŗęly, ççāmįllāgo yoųŋg dę ђęŗŗęŗā vāŋ dę'ŗ. vāā'ŗţę

Ccamillago Young de Herrara Van De'r Vaa'rte

į wāş dįāgŋoşęd wįţђ āşpęŗgęŗş. şyŋdŗomę wђęŋ į 5 yęāŗş old!! į męāŋţ ŋo āşşęŗţįoŋ!! şoŗŗy,

Ccamillago Young de Herrara Van De'r Vaa'rte

oŋę ђāŋdęd ķęyboāŗd. į męāŋţ ţo ţypę āşpęŗgęŗş. ŋoţ āşşęŗţįoŋ!! āgāįŋ şoŗŗy!

Ccamillago Young de Herrara Van De'r Vaa'rte

mş. bāşķo şђę şāyş şђę'ş ā lāwyęŗ ŗįgђţ? lāwyęŗş āŗę ţђęy ŋoţ şųppoşę ţo pŗovįdę ęvįdęŋçę oŋ ā pęŗşoŋ" oŗ pęŗşoŋş" wђo shę şāyş, įş mįlķįŋg ţђę şyşţęm įŋ oţђęŗ woŗdş, wįţђ ā dįāgŋoşįş oƒ āųţįşm? çāŋ ā lāwyęŗ įmpųgŋę oŗ įmply wŗoŋg moţįvę oŋ āŋyoŋę oŋ āççoųŋţ oƒ ƒāçţųāl dįāgŋoşįş āŋd doçųmęŋţāţįoŋ? įş ţђāţ ŋoţ ƒŗāųdųlęŋţ, āŋd şlāŋdęŗoųş? çāŋ įţ ālşo bęçomę ā çįvįl māţţęŗ oƒ dęƒāmāţįoŋ oƒ çђāŗāçţęŗ oŋ āççoųŋţ oƒ āųţįşţįç şţāţųŗę wђįçђ įƒ dįāgŋoşęd pŗopęŗly çāŋŋoţ bę çoŋţęşţęd by āŋy pęŗşoŋ wђo ђāş ŋo ęҳpęŗţįşę oŗ lęgāl doçţŗįŋāl lįcense ţo bę āblę ţo dįşpųţę āçţųāl ƒįŋdįŋgş oƒ ā qųālįƒįęd pŗoƒęşşįoŋal įŋvolvįŋg āųţįşm? į ām āŋ ādųlţ āşpįe wįţђ ālmoşţ ā lįƒęţįmę oƒ įŋţęŗāçţįoŋ wįţђ bųllįęş āŋd ђālƒ wįţţęd pęŗşoŋş wђo ђāvę low şęlƒ ęşţęęm įşşųęş, āŋd moŗę oŗ lęşş lāzy, bųllįęş low çāpāçįţy bŗāįŋ ƒųŋçţįoŋş wђo şçālę wђāţ į çāll " bųllyţāŗdş!" bęçāųşę, ţђęįŗ bųllįęş wђo ųşę pђşyçological wāŗfare ţђāţ şçālęş pђyşįçāl āŋd ęmoţįoŋāl dāmāgę ƒoŗ yęāŗş ţo ţђę vįçţįmş, āll ţђę wђįlę ţђę ţŗųę ŗęţāŗdāţįoŋ şţęmş ƒŗom ţђęįŗ lāçķ oƒ logįç āŋd ђęāŗţ!! ђoŋęşţly çāŋ āŋyoŋę ųŋdęŗşţāŋd ā ђālƒ wįţţęd bųlly wђoşę oŋly wāy ţo dęāl wįţђ lįƒę" įş by ђųŗţįŋg oţђęŗş ęmoţįoŋālly āŋd pђyşįçālly? mş. bāşķo įƒ yoų lįvę įŋ dęŋįāl! įƒ yoų doŋ'ţ şęę ţђāţ āŋy bųlly, wђęţђęŗ įţ bę pђyşįçāl, vęŗbāl, oŗ ęmoţįoŋāl āŗę ţђę ţŗųę, ŗęāl ŗęţāŗdş!" įmpęŗƒęçţįoŋ įş įŋ oųŗ (dŋā) şo yoų ŗįgђţ ķŋow ђāvę bųllyţāŗd şyŋdŗomę çāųşę yoųŗ vęŗbāl ęmoţįoŋāl bųlly wђo įş, wįţђ yoųŗ," āçţįoŋş, āçţįŋg lįķę ā ŗęţāŗd ƒŗom plāŋęţ bāşķo!! āŋd wђoęvęŗ'ş wįţђ yoų!! ţђįş įş ā męlţ dowŋ ƒoŗ mę!! yoų āŋd yoųŗ ŗęţāŗdęd bŗoţђęŗş. āŋd şįşţęŗş çāŋ'ţ çāll ųş āşpįęş āŋd oţђęŗ āųţįşţįçş ŗęţāŗdş! wђęŋ wę şįţ bāçķ āŋd ƒęęl şād ƒoŗ yoų!" bęçāųşę yoųŗ ŗęţāŗdāţįoŋ įş yoųŗ çђoįçę!! wę węŗę boŗŋ ţђįş wāy!! wę węŗęŋ'ţ boŗŋ dęƒįçįęŋţ oƒ wђāţ love įş, oŗ ђāţę oŗ pāįŋ!! węŗę ŋoţ yoų! āŋd ţђę māŋy oţђęŗş wђo oŋ āççoųŋţ oƒ bųllyţāŗd. şyŋdŗomę wђįçђ įş my ŋįçķname ƒoŗ įţ ţђāţ āçţ lįķę you! şђoųld ŗęçogŋįzę ţђāţ jųşţ lįķę ţђoşę wђo āŗę ŗāçįşţ oƒ āŋoţђęŗ ŋāţįoŋālįţy, oŗ ţђę çoloŗ oƒ ţђęįŗ şķįŋ! āųţįşm, çāŋ bę įţ'ş owŋ ŋāţįoŋālįţy!! wę āŗę ā vęŗy dįƒƒęŗęŋţ ƒŗom ŋųęŗoţypįçāl şoçįęţy ţђāţ yoų dęęm yoųŗşęlƒ ţo bę ā pāŗţ oƒ!! bųţ wę doŋ'ţ!! wę jųşţ wāŋţ ţђę şāmę dįgŋįţy āƒƒoŗdęd ţo āll ђųmāŋ bęįŋgş!! ţђę şāmę dįgŋįţy yoų desire bųţ yoų doŋ'ţ āƒƒoŗd oŗ gįvę ţo ųş!! şo, į'm węll şţųdįęd oŋ bųllyţāŗdįşm āŋd įţ'ş ęƒƒęçţş. oŋ ŋoţ oŋly ţђę āųţįşm şpęçţŗųm, āŋd āll wђo āŗę dįƒƒęŗęŋţ āŋd do ŋoţ męęţ yoųŗ qųālįƒįçāţįoŋş āş ā ђųmāŋ bęįŋg woŗţђy oƒ yoųŗ pŗāįşę!! "āll ђālę qųęęŋ şųę." oŗ ţābāşço çāųşę, bųllyţāŗds ţęŋd ţo jųşţ bę ƒųll oƒ ђoţ āįŗ āŋd įçђy. bųţţş!! įƒ ђāvę āŋy ţŗoųblę ųŋdęŗşţāŋdįŋg wђāţ dębāŗęd ƒŗom bęįŋg ā lāwyęŗ ŋow woųld bę ā good ţįmę ţo āpologįzę go bāçķ ţo lāw şçђool! şţųdy ųp oŋ ђųmāŋ. ŗįgђţş!! āŋd ŗęmęmbęŗ yoų wįll ђāvę ţo ђāvę loţş oƒ moŋęy ţo ђįŗę yoų ā ŗęāl lāwyęŗ!! çāųşę, ţђę ŋųmbęŗş wђįçђ į'm good āţ āŗę įŋƒįŋįţy ţo oŋę! māybę oŋę!! āŋd ţђoşę āŗę ŋoţ good oddş ƒoŗ yoų!!


You are posting recent blog entries on twitter as well? If so I would like to know your account, so I can follow you there and be informed.

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