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Sunday, January 01, 2012



I think it's also worth noting that of the 2,892 claims compensated, nearly half (1,266) were related to the DTP with whole cell Pertussis. Since the DTPwP is no longer used, it would make sense not to consider these awards if using the VICP compensation figures as an indication of safety.


oh so that is ok then. w unaittil its your child - or is ruining their life ok with you too?


Jennifer, do I get a pass because my son was injured by an actual disease? Which he had before there was a vaccine.


So then why don't they advertise the choice for vaccines, and tell the public to educate themselves before making the decision to vaccinate, don't just say you may experience redness or fever, that's a lie.They should put something out like WARNING THIS VACCINE HAS BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH A RISK OF SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH KNOW THE FACTS BEFORE YOU VACCINATE!


joejoe, please tell us which vaccine has been associated with a serious risk of injury and death versus the disease. Most of the payments were for the DTP vaccine, which has been replaced with the DTaP vaccine.

In 2010 at least ten infants died from pertussis in California. Now please show us evidence that the DTaP vaccine killed that many people that same year.

Please present actual verifiable data.

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