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Friday, January 13, 2012



I felt that all of her bluster was just empty threats...and obviously so. I'm guessing that no FBI agents showed up at your door. It just pisses me off more because she's just trying to scare you into silence. God forbid anyone should be called to account for the stupid things they say.


I posted a blog warning my friends and others about the perils of internet dating. i met a woman online and as it turns out she is an escort(prostitute). I had amny friends ask me what happened so I wrote about my experience and posted the links to her escorting websites in my blog. All these are in the public domain under an alias of course. I never mentioned her name...never identified myself. I also included a link which i found helpful to a blog on sociopaths as her ability to look me, her family and others in the eye and lie with impunity was amazing.

Is the fact that I posted links to her public (posted by her) websites illegal or considered cyber bullying. I ran into her one day and she told me her pictures had been stolen and she had lwyaers and law enforcement working to take them down.

I did write her back when I realized she was still posted which confirmed to me she was "in the business."

Without mentioning her name or mine was posting my story and links to her sites illegal in any way.

She found the website and accused me of stalking? And then had supposedly other girls listed on the parent site start blowing up my phone threatening legal action. I am confused and do not think I crossed any lines, but maybe with this whole internet thing I did.

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