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Monday, July 23, 2012


Roger Kulp

My internet has been out a few weeks,just getting caught up with a few blogs.This is great,the way you're putting all these articles up in one place.

One thing that is never mentioned by the antivaxers,and rarely mentioned by those who debunk them,is that regression is often a lifelong thing,and can often happen for the first time before the vaccines antivax parents equate with "causing" autism.My mother told me she noticed my first regression during a bout of acute meningitis I had at the age of six months,apparently I had been developing unusually fast before then.Regression is a lifelong thing,something that I have rarely seen anybody mention.Usually there are either seizures,or other multiple coexisting medical problems that can trigger it at any times.Regressive autism means serious disease.

Regressive autism needs to be considered its own distinct entity,with all of the known causes as subcategories.These are usually genetic.There are metabolic diseases,like mitochondrial disease,or those involving folate,like I have been found to have.

There are channelopathies

And there is an emerging syndrome seen in those who have a family history of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's,as well as many other causes we are only now learning about.

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