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Tuesday, October 02, 2012



A skewed distribution represents a set of scores or numbers that is not equal on both sides. This results from have a few scores falling farther to one end.


2. Edited: I am a man of many trades over the years. I staterd out as a fisherman many years ago and kept that up in many areas ground fishing. Hand line, Trawl and Fish dragger, from there I went back to a job which raised my family for most of there growing years digging, Shucking and selling Clams. Among those years I had a couple accidents and ended up on CPP Disability so I was around 35 to 37 when I went back to School, first GED and then Community College. I went for two years in Electronics and got a diploma in both years One & Two. General electronics and advanced TV electronics. I also took a course in PC repair.3. From their I took Web Design with IBDE and CSSD just general web design and I would like to take the advanced in it but I’m getting too old so now I’m writing and have one book published with blurb and will soon do another as I have about three or four already written but need some setting up and editing. I’m just having it hard to get funds to get some books from blurb Book Smart for my local area as there are many who want my books but won’t pay all the shipping etc that go with buying one. On disability where am I to get funds to buy a hundred book published in the US. I thought there was a place in Canada as well but never was able to find it.4. I did get one copy from them in black and white and it cost more ot get it shipped than the book costs. The books are reasonably priced but just too far away unless I can get a large bunch at a really good discount. There should be a Printer in Canada to do the printing so it would not cost so much..Can you help in any way at all or steer me in the right direction ?


Hello MikeI am also on P.W.D. in B.C. and have found that there are free resources ailalabve for people like us. Since my stroke in 2008 my right side has limited mobility and being right handed has made typing a challenge. I am in the process of enrolling in Selkirk College for a web design program through Open Door Group( They have contacts for new computers and software for P.W.D recipients and have helped me with immensly. You have to go into you local Social Services office and tell them that you are tired of sitting around and want to be self employed! Also tell them that local businesses would rather hire a NORMAL person rather than someone disabled(a real problem here!). You can contact me further by email: if you have more questions

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