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Friday, November 30, 2012



I have faxed in my letter. This is a civil rights issue - a human rights issue - and one that transcends borders.

Thank you for this, Liz, and for the work you are doing for the autism community! I am spectacularly honoured to have my post be listed with 'autistics and allies.'

Sparrow Rose Jones

Thank you for this post, Liz. I just discovered it and I am pleased that you have collected all this information in one place. I am going to post a comment to my blog entry of my letter to Congress and give a link to this page so my readers can come here to get more information and backstory.


One more for the allies, perhaps outside the usual suspects (thought it's not a new topic for his blog). :-)

Aaron Carroll, The Incidental Economist, Still with the Vaccines and Autism

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