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Monday, November 19, 2012



As a clinical psychologist specializing in evaluations of learning disabilities and other cognitive impairments, it has been my experience that children who receive Learning Rx services become skilled at taking working memory tests, but no real change in real-life functioning occurs.

Katie Holter

I agree, as a clinical psychology doctoral student who has worked at Learning Rx (to gain an understanding of their "training" process that promises to "fix" a lot of cognitive challenges)- its like it sounds... Too good to be true! I have since quit (I did not drink the kook-aid) and would NEVER recommend the program to anyone. As noted in the earlier post, the program does not provide any skills that are easily transferable to academic work (especially for student with Learning Disabilities (LD) who would benefit more from applicable study skills, organizational tips and use of other accommodations.) As an LD adult I understand how nice it must sound to a parent who's child is struggling in school (that over 3,6,9 or 12 months your child will be doing better in school) but I know there are other better/cheaper ways to help your child!
K.H author of an LD blog

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