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Saturday, December 15, 2012



Autism is a convenient scapegoat. The gun is a simple scapegoat. The problem is far deeper.
What has gone wrong with American culture that actually causes these people to develop? I suspect that when we finally take a close look at the environment that America has become, that we will find the answers to be not simple, not pleasant, and not easily remedied.


I responded to a post today and if you think I am on my pedistal than so be it!! As a mother and Advocate for children with Special Needs I encourage you to read the below..

A prayer should be said when innocence is taken and families left to mourn. Gun control is necessary, and Conn instituted it in the 90's with great results in cleaning up Bridgeport. Then came a new reign and things changed.
I use to lay in bed at night fearing my life and the life of my babies. It is not so much the gun control in this situation as finding out how this young man did not get the much needed support.. This young man was failed by the System!

You have no idea what it is like to be a parent of a child with Aspbergers, Autism, OCD, ADHD! The fight that they have to go through just to get them treatments and the costs for all of the assistance, because the Government does not consider it necessary to waste money on the research to help those who have these.

I do not condone what has been done, nor do I present a case to give the shooter an out. This never should have happened and this is clearly a misjustice on all sides. There were cries for help that never were heard and now a Mother who has spent her life, loving, caring, protecting and supporting her children with no assistance is gone, killed by the very child that she was protecting.

Invest in gun control or invest in the lives of our children.. Don't push our children through school scared and alone with their families! Mothers and Fathers are out there all alone fighting the fight the best they can and struggling to raise their children with mental illness, and social diseases which can better be funded in research!

I cried in fear yesterday for as a mother of 2 children on the spectrum in which one is Aspbergers and the other has neuroloical disorders, ADHD and dislexia, it scared me to know that people would brush this off like that.

Mental illness is not the same as Neurological disorders and does not know what true love is. Mental illness does not know reality they have their own versions. Mental Illness does not know right from wrong.

Children on the spectrum, cry when they do something wrong, strive for affection and acceptence. But most of all they live in love and care deeply...

Michael John Carley


Thanks for keeping the list of out of line media members and their quotes. We'll need that later and we're sure that you're the only one keeping such a list so THANK YOU!

Michael John Carley.


Thank you so much for including this list. Karen Krejcha, Executive Director at Autism Empowerment also posted a blog last night, "Healing, Hurting, Trying to Make Sense of Tragedy." (Autism Empowerment is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver, WA. Karen is on the spectrum and the mom to two boys 6 and 13 also on the spectrum.)



Although your comments about "Mental Illness" may be true for some people with mental illnesses, they are NOT true for the vast majority. Please do not spread misinformation against people with mental illnesses in your rush to deflect misinformation about autistics. Since most people (including professionals) don't differentiate between mental illnesses and neurological disorders in the first place, you're making a difference without a distinction anyhow.

Colin Bowman

It's empowering to see how an autistically orientated community has responded to this tragedy, and so as to safeguard that community within the response to this tragedy by a wider society.
Thank you for this listing.

Rachel Silverman

I am an autistic adult woman. Autism experts such as Dr. Tony Attwood know that autistic kids are more likely to be bullied than other children. On page 98 of his book The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome, Attwood states that according to a survey in 2002, 90% of children with Aspergers were bullied in the past year. The rate of bullying for autistic kids was four times the rate for other children.

Like most autistic people, I was mercilessly bullied by my peers as a kid. But the thought of committing mass murder never crossed my mind. The killer was an evil human being who made a cruel choice. Ultimately, we all have freedom of choice, and we all need to take responsibility for our decisions and the effects of our actions upon others.


The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism has two articles :


On being a scapegoat.

Cara Liebowitz

I am not autistic, but I do have several mental illnesses.

Paula C. Durbin-Westby

Thank you for keeping this list, Liz. I will check back. I am posting links to my blog entry, which will get them more exposure (and posting this entire link of yours, too).

David N. Brown

I shamelessly nominate this post, with a bit of a different take:

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My take. Sorry to be so late in responding.


Thank you for putting all the links here, it's very useful, I've reblog some of this posts before.

David N. Brown

Here's something that came up for me this morning: An obviously mentally ill individual named Richard M. Scoville who has been cyberstalking me for almost two years thanks to google's refusal to enforce US law or their own terms of use posted this on the "groups" usenet archive this afternoon:
ALERT: Mesa, Arizona Pedophile David N. Brown With Severe Asperger's Syndrome Possibly Next School Shooter..Adam Lanza Clone!! Forewarned Arizona!!
When I want something out of a "FULL MENTAL DEFECT", I will squeeze
your head PEDOPHILE! Now, go buy (illegally) your ammunition for your

I would appreciate any and all assistance in getting the word out about this individual and especially google's enabling of his behavior to the "autism advocacy" community.


inappropriate things b/c he has no "filter" and soeimetms gets "stuck" on a theme. However, he has made SO much progress, esp over the last 2 years. If he keeps making this much progress, I think he will be able to compensate for his "disorder" - whatever it is. I hope I can look back and be amazed at how far he has come from nonverbal special ed preschooler to fully functioning adult. I have not given up hope that he will not have or need a "label" when he is an adult.And I agree PDD-NOS is basically a worthless dx. It can mean anything from a severely (even nonverbal) affected child whose symptoms aren't in the right "configuration" for an autism dx or a child who has a few autistic symptoms. There is a lot of gray area between ASD, ADHD, and SPD and I think this is where PDD-NOS falls - if all else fails, give the PDD-NOS dx. I read somewhere (???) that there is no real difference between severe ADHD and mild ASD. To me, this is a problem, because the core deficits of these 2 disorders are so different. I don't know why the ASD dx is being given out so willy-nilly. I am one of those who believes (after reading The Mislabeled Child and several of Greenspan's books) that the ASD label is handed out too liberally. I have read on message boards about some ASD kids being "social" and "outgoing". What??? The term "autism" literally means a turning inward to self. Since when are outgoing, social kids labeled as autistic? There has to be a point at which you say, "Yes, there are autistic symptoms, but this child is not autistic."Ok, I will get off my rant.Thanks for the thought-provoking post!

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